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Album Review: Highway 101 – ‘Big Sky’

big skyFor the last full length album by Highway 101, original members Cactus Moser and Curtis Stone were joined by new lead guitarist Justin Weaver and singer Chrislynn Lee. Chrislynn’s voice has echoes of both Paulette Carlson and Nikki Nelson, but is not as good as either. Released in 2000 on independent label Free Falls Records, the album largely disappeared without trace.

Much of the material was written by Moser and Stone with various co-writers. ‘Rhythm Of Livin’, a co-write by the pair with Gary Harrison, is a pretty good mid-tempo tune which makes a pleasant toetapping opener.

Love song ‘Bigger Than The Both Of Us’, written by Moser with Jeff Penig and Mike Noble, is quite enjoyable, but the title track, produced by the same trio, is completely forgettable. The team’s ‘Long List Of Obvious Reasons’ is much better, a very pretty song which suits Chrislynn’s vulnerable vocal. The bouncy ‘Easier Done That Said’, written by Moser with Wilson and Henderson, is also fun, although Chrislynn’s vocal limitations are in evidence.

‘True Hard Love’, written by Stone with Sam Hogin and Phil Barnhardt, plods and lacks the requisite attitude which would have been better supplied by either of the previous lead singers. ‘Best Of All Possible Worlds’ also falls very flat. Stone’s ‘Thicker Than Blood’ is a duet, not terrible but not very country either.

The album also included pedestrian covers of ‘There Goes My Love’, the Buck Owens classic the band had done previously (and better) with Paulette Carlson, and the lovely Moser-penned ballad ‘I Wonder Where the Love Goes’, previously recorded by the band with Nikki Nelson.

‘Ain’t That Just Like Love’, written by Phil Jones, Kerry Kurt Phillips, and Jerry Lassiter, is a very pretty song. The beaty ‘Only Thinking Of You’ is well performed although stylistically very reminiscent of some of the band’s work with Nikki Nelson.

This album feels like the band was trying to coast on the success they had enjoyed in earlier years, but sounding like a poor quality karaoke version. While it’s generally inoffensive, I can’t really recommend it unless you have money to burn.

After leaving the band, Chrislynn Lee became a backing singer for Tanya Tucker, and later hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons when she was arrested with Tanya’s boyfriend for allegedly absconding with some of Tanya’s property. Highway 101 has not recorded again (with the exception of a Christmas single a few years ago), but is now performing regularly with Nikki Nelson.

Grade: C-

5 responses to “Album Review: Highway 101 – ‘Big Sky’

  1. Stan Zorin December 31, 2015 at 8:43 am

    If this album, “Big Sky”, is rated ‘C -‘ then how come the “New Frontier” album got rated ‘C’ when it is worse than this one ??? At least rate it the same or lower “New Frontier” to D rating.

    • Occasional Hope December 31, 2015 at 9:21 am

      Each writer gives their own grade. I might possibly graded The New Frontier a bit higher, but I didn’t write that review.

  2. Ken December 31, 2015 at 12:24 pm

    Sad to hear an act in decline. Can’t blame them for trying to resurrect their glory days but re-recording songs they’d previously done magnifies comparisons to the old band line-up and not in a good way. Better to record different material and attempt to forge a new identity. You can’t manufacture chemistry and the original Highway 101 members had an abundance of that.

    • Troy stanton March 28, 2021 at 11:46 pm

      Chrislyn jones is possibly the best female singer in Nashville. She is a true professional and I can absolutely guarantee any time she walks on stage she, she owns the room for the rest of the night. I’ve seen her do it a thousand times. She was born to be a singer. I just so happen that she is great at so many different things. That she just can’t spend all her time doing just one. She is the true definition of multi talented .. she is an amazing woman .

      • Troy Stanton June 27, 2021 at 11:03 pm

        Whoever wrote this article is about as full of shit as a Christmas goose . Chrislyn Jones is one of the greatest singers Nashville has ever seen or heard .

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