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Country Blog Coming Your Way!

My Kind Of CountryWelcome to the My Kind Of Country blog.  Here, you will find reviews, editorials, and discussions about the country music we love – our kind of country.  The idea is simple:  rather than write lots of negative reviews about the new music that’s coming out – because let’s face it, much of what comes out of Nashville and your country radio dial is crap – we are going to write about the music we love.  The music that moves us, drives us, and makes us laugh and cry; the music that touches us.  Not that we will spend our time posting fangirl gushes about a select group of artists that are among our favorites.  To the contrary, we intend to post about the music we love and tell you why we love it, and of course, how we think it could be improved upon. 

As of now, there will be three of us contributing to the blog and you have probably read our comments and posts at the9513 or Country Universe.   The contributing writers will be myself, Rainbow, and Chris D.  Look for introductions later to learn more about the writers and for reviews and posts to come in the future.  We hope you enjoy our little blog – and we hope you keep coming back. 

3 responses to “Country Blog Coming Your Way!

  1. Jordan Stacey December 11, 2008 at 1:24 am

    Dang now I have more things to read, procrastination here I come!

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