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Album Review: Taylor Alexander – ‘Good Old Fashioned Pain’

20 something Taylor Alexander appeared briefly on The Voice a couple of years ago. A country singer-songwriter from Georgia with folk elements, he has released his debut album independently. He has a pleasant warm, slightly raspy voice.

The album opens with the title track, a solid but rather too loud country rocker. To be honest I would expect a song called ‘Good Old Fashioned Pain’ to have a more traditional sound than this more muscular sound, but it isn’t about emotional pain but the physical sort after hard work. In similar style is the pacy ‘Passing Lane’. These are the most radio-friendly tracks. ‘Break My Heart Tonight’ is a solid honky tonker which I enjoyed a lot.

Much better is the gently regretful philosophical ‘I Never Ask For Nothin’’ about a diffident man who remains unrewarded:

I didn’t want the trouble
I didn’t want to make a fuss
There’s just two kinds of people
The haves and the have-nots
I’d never ask for nothin’
So nothing’s what I got

She was all I’d ever wanted…
I guess I could have asked her
It was probably worth a shot
I never asked for nothin’
So nothing’s what I got

It’s gonna take a little water for a seed to grow
And there ain’t a door I ever heard of
That opened on its own
So asking you just might receive
More often times than not
I never ask for nothin’
So nothing’s what I got

I had this dream where I’m invited
To the house of God
The porch light’s shining
But the front door is locked
And I just stood there wondering
If I should ring the bell or not
I never ask for nothin’
So nothing’s what I got

A pretty harmony ornaments the folky melody of this charming song.

‘Real Good At Saying Goodbye’ is a very nice song with a lilting tune about a man who is the ‘running kind, never satisfied’.

‘It Don’t Matter To The Rain’ is a pleasant folky philosophical number which is quite good. I also liked Another favorite is the gently plaintive ‘Hole In The Wall’, about a poorly maintained but cheap home:

It sure ain’t where my heart is
Just where I keep my stuff

‘Wishing My Life Away’ is another reflective number about taking advantage of life’s opportunities, with some nice steel and harmonies from a female singer:

Life’s a race you won’t mind finishing dead last
When you wake up one morning wondering where the years have gone
You might get what you wish for after all

‘I Guess I Moved On’ is more positive, in a slightly resigned way, about realizing suddenly one has gotten over an ex:

Pain can be funny that way
You blink and it’s gone
While I was looking away
I guess I moved on

The set finishes up with another highlight, the wry piano-led ‘Sorry For Growing Up’:

Grown men go on diets and go easy on the cheap beer
And grown men take vacation only every other year
Lord they got all kinds of money but got no time to spend it
And when a grown man dies they talk about how much he lived

Well, I’m sorry for the times I kept you up at night
For every ruined t shirt and the dirt I drug inside
But if there’s anything I could take back
Of all the things I did
I’m sorry for growing up
I won’t do it again

This is a really nice singer-songwriter album on the folky side of country. Highly recommended.

Grade: A