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Single Review: Andy Griggs – ‘Cutthroat, Montana’

The single Cover

The Single Cover

I opened my e-mail the other day, and I found this song waiting for me in my inbox! Now, I vaguely recognized the name Andy Griggs, but I couldn’t think of any of his songs. After a quick trip to his Wikipedia discography, I saw nothing that even sparked any recognition at all, so I listened to this new single, and let’s say I got a good impression.

Now this may sound weird, but “Cutthroat, Montana” reminds me of Sugarland’s “Stay” ┬áLet me explain myself. First of all, it’s even more sparse, just Andy and his acoustic guitar playing (“Stay” has an organ plus a guitar). His voice shines through, and he gives a great performance; although not as good as Jennifer’s respective performance on “Stay”, it’s still impressive. It’s hard to find these rough performances in modern singles, so I was surprised.

Second, “Cutthroat, Montana” and “Stay” both revisit classic country stories that have been sorely lacking from most mainstream country today. While “Stay” is a great spin on a cheating song, “Cutthroat, Montana” is a song that involves fighting and some death, something rare in the sterile radio feel-good stories of today’s mainstream country.

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