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Single Review: Jason Rogers – ‘Remembering The Good Ones’

Canadian-born Jason Rogers is still waiting for that big breakthrough in the U.S.  This isn’t it. ‘Remembering The Good Ones’ isn’t going to light the world on fire, nor is it even likely to propel Rogers to stardom outside his native land.  It’s still a solid song that would play well on U.S. country radio.

The singer made the move to Nashville in 2004 and shortly afterwards formed the family-owned BlueBuck Records before he had even recorded his first song.  “I’m always thinking ahead”, he told me in our conversation a couple weeks ago. But even with the best plans, things move slowly on Music Row. Fast forward to May 2009, when Rogers released his self-titled debut under the BlueBuck imprint.  The album’s first single, ‘It Ain’t Braggin’, soared to the top 10 on Canada’s newly re-instated Cashbox charts.  In August 2009, Rogers was signed as a flagship artist for the new Cashbox label.  The album was then re-released under both labels, with physical distribution across North America, and digitally at nearly every mp3 retailer from iTunes to Wal-Mart.

After his initial top 10 success, Rogers has released the album’s second single, a pleasant slice of smooth country music, sold mostly with daily living platitudes and an overall laid-back look at life.  ‘Remembering The Good Ones’ tells of the common man, and those who honor their memories after they’ve passed.  Soldiers, factory workers, and cowboys are idealized, while lawyers and politicians are the liars and cheats.  It’s a competent country song, and the production is adequately sparse.  On the self-penned track, Rogers reaches for some notes he can’t quite get ahold of in the song’s bridge, but other than that, ‘Remembering The Good Ones’ is practically without flaw, and he sells it convincingly. The song would sit nicely alongside similar-themed songs from Billy Currington or Alan Jackson.

Grade: B

‘Remembering The Good Ones’ is widely available, including here at amazon. You can also purchase the entire album, and read more about Jason Rogers at his official site.