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Single Review: Caitlin & Will – ‘Even Now’

caitlinwillI have to start with saying I love this song and performance.  I don’t think I can put those feelings into words, but I’m sure as hell going to try.  I love this song from the first note to the last. And I’ve lived these lyrics right down to the punctuation … Oh yeah, should I mention that I’ve lived these lyrics over and over.  And over and over.  And over again.  Yep.  That’s life.  

Caitilin Lynn was my favorite on the CMT Can You Duet show from the beginning.  Why didn’t Nashville Star have this much talent?

I’ve heard these two compared to Lady Antebellum, and I think that’s a fair comparison.  But that comparison is only as deep as the sound of the singers’ voices. Caitlin and Hillary Scott are both wonderful vocalists while Will Snyder and Charles Kelley share rock-tinged voices.  And both pairings have the potential for soaring harmonies.  But I think the similarites end with the sound of the two groups.  Caitlin & Will have an edge to their sound and persona that Lady Antebellum lacks.  So, will Caitlin & Will fall victim to the Lady Antebellum niche? Or will country radio find room for both artists in their playlists? We have to wait and see the answer to that. But I think Caitlin & Will have the talent – and the song in this case too – to really take off.

The song itself makes use of the double-entendre of the title very well. A couple who has been fighting and on-again/off-again are finally at the quitting stage of their relationship. And after all the hurt they inflicted on one another, they are ‘even now’ in this game of one-up-manship. But, despite all the heartbreak, they still love each other ‘even now’. Vocally, you couldn’t ask for a better performance. Read more of this post