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Single Review: Stealing Angels – ‘He Better Be Dead’

This new country trio on independent label Nine North is likely to attract some initial interest based on its members’ illustrious relatives; Tayla Lynn is Loretta’s granddaughter, Jennifer Wayne is granddaughter of John, and third member Caroline Cutbirth is descended from Daniel Boone. But what really should be attracting attention is their music.

Their debut single (going to radio next week) is a lively slice of attitude which has enough commercial appeal to get radio play if their label had enough clout, while being rooted in country music, tastefully produced by Paul Worley, a man who knows how to add interesting textures to a record without overwhelming the artists. Tayla takes lead on this track and she has a distinctive and definitely country voice with a strong Southern twang and attacks the song, supported by sweet harmonies from the other two on the chorus.

The protagonist is less than pleased not to hear from the man with whom she shared a romantic interlude the previous night:

Last night he promised me the world and now I’m gettin’ nothing at all

Few excuses are going to be good enough to save him from her wrath when she finally catches up with him. Not only has he failed to call her, but he is ignoring her texts (21 and counting, rising to 22 by the end of the song). The exhilarating chorus runs through a list of possible acceptable excuses, most involving death or near-death experiences:

He better be dead as a doornail
Cold as a stone
Flat on a train track
Face on the floor
Stiff as a board
Knock-knock-knockin’ on heaven’s door
He better be dead

Held hostage at gunpoint, his car hanging off a cliff, and being bound and gagged in a motel room are equally acceptable.

She digresses in the second verse to say she doesn’t like “little boys playing games” with her, as her anger grows. By the time she finally catches up with her love interest, she might not be the only one to wish he was dead.

I doubt if this entertaining track has much of a chance making its way onto radio playlists, but if it did get the exposure it deserved it could be a breakthrough hit. I’ll be interested in hearing what else they come up with.

Grade: A

Listen to the finished version here and see and hear a live rehearsal on the group’s myspace.