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Week ending 6/8/19: #1 singles this week in country music history

1959: The Battle of New Orleans — Johnny Horton (Columbia)

1969: Singing My Song — Tammy Wynette (Epic)

1979: She Believes In Me — Kenny Rogers (United Artists)

1989: A Better Man — Clint Black (RCA)

1999: Please Remember Me — Tim McGraw (Curb)

2009: Then — Brad Paisley (Arista Nashville)

2019: Whiskey Glasses — Morgan Wallan (Big Loud)

2019 (Airplay): Whiskey Glasses — Morgan Wallan (Big Loud)

2 responses to “Week ending 6/8/19: #1 singles this week in country music history

  1. Ken June 9, 2019 at 4:34 pm

    Clint Black scored his first #1 hit 30 years ago this week and quickly became one of the hottest new acts in country music. However the actual title of his debut RCA single has been frequently misstated. Although the track is titled “A Better Man” on Clint’s debut album “Killin’ Time,” the single release was actually titled “Better Man.” The single release was an edit of the 3:02 LP version. It runs about ten seconds shorter [2:52] due to an edit near the end of the song that eliminated the brief guitar break followed by Clint repeating the final line of the song.

    The print copy of Billboard correctly listed the title as “Better Man.”

    In the years since Clint Black compilations have included the LP title & audio of that song rather than the edit that was issued as a single in 1989 and played on the radio.

    Here’s a 1989 RCA 45 reissue of the song – primarily created for jukeboxes – that has the edited audio from the single release but uses the LP song title “A Better Man.” [Killin’ Time” was reissued on the other side]

    For comparison here’s the full album version of “A Better Man.”

  2. Luckyoldsun June 11, 2019 at 3:03 pm

    I saw Tim McGraw last night at the Beacon Theater. He was appearing with historian Jon Meacham on a small tour for a book they’ve collaborated on and just released: “Songs of America.” The place only holds about 2,800 people. I was thinking: “This may be the largest crowd Jon Meacham has appeared in front of in his life and may be just about the smallest crowd McGraw has appeared in front of in 20 years. Apparently, Jon and Tim live on neighboring properties in the Nashville areaand they’re friends for some time. They chatted on stage about songs in American history, many related to wars from the Revolution through the Vietnam era–Tim was very self-deprecating about his intellectual standing compared to Meacham’s–and Tim sang about a dozen songs during the evening in front of a small band. One was “Battle of New Orleans” Tim said the Johnny Horton song was one of his favorite songs as a young boy growing up in Louisiana, and also spoke about the songwriter Jimmy Driftwood. Tim also did “Over There,” from WW I, “God Bless the USA,” and finished the evening with “Humble and Kind.”

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