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Daily Archives: April 16, 2019

Classic Rewind: Brooks & Dunn and Reba McEntire – ‘Cowgirls Don’t Cry’

EP Review: Ray Scott – ‘Honky Tonk Heart’

Ray Scott has self-released a series of full length albums since his departure from Warner Brothers over a decade ago. This year he has instead produced a five-track EP, produced by Michael Hughes, with all the songs being written or co-written by Ray. Such a short set means no room for fillers.

He opens with the energetic country rock title track which celebrates his life choices as a musician:

I worked my ass off on Music Row
Tryin’ to get on the radio
Like Alan said those wheels turn slow
And I had to tell ’em all where to go
When they tried to make me a pop star
I got me a honky tonk heart

Yeah, I ain’t no fake-ass country star
I got me a honky tonk heart
Yeah and I love a steel guitar

He spits out the words pop star with noticeable hatred.

Next is the highlight, ‘It Is What It Is’, a regretful ballad in which a husband stays out at the bar with little idea as to where his wife might be:

She’d give me that look
When we laid down at night
Now she just looks away
And turns out the light
I don’t think she hates me
But she ain’t in love

It is what it is
Cause it ain’t what it was

There’s a blonde here tonight
And she’s givin’ me the eye
And she’s smilin’
Sittin’ right over there
If I left with that lady
If I called her baby
I wonder
Would mine even care?
(Oh, would you care?)

I’ve got an old friend
That lives in Des Moines
He’s got a spare bedroom
It’s reached the point
Where it’s harder to stay
Than it would be to run

‘Trainwreck’ picks the pace back up, with Ray repelling a sexy woman not in it for the long run:

You want a husband but you don’t want one
Unless he already belongs to someone
Your kind of woman lives for the drama
So just wiggle that sweet caboose on down the line

Hey trainwreck
This ain’t your station
These lovin’ arms ain’t your destination
Some fool’s gonna fall for your temptation
But hey trainwreck
This ain’t your station

In the gently sad ‘Leave This Town’, Ray wants to head to his home state of Carolina to get over a broken heart and “hit reset on my life”.

The all-too-short set closes with ‘Thank You Baby’, a sincerely delivered tribute to Ray’s wife.

This is a very good collection, which I recommend strongly.

Grade: A