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Lane Turner – Stardom Unfulfilled

George Strait was always a bit of an outlier as far as country radio was concerned, a fan of western swing who has allowed to keep some of those influences in his music as long as he came up with a reasonably mainstream sound. Of course radio afforded Strait this courtesy because of his visual aura, excellent voice and scandal-free personal life.

During 2004, another strongly western (or Texas) swing influenced artist received some airplay as a result of a pair of singles released on a major label, Warner Brothers. The single “Always Wanting More (Breathless)” was penned by Lane (with Kent Blazy and Monty Holmes) and received heavy airplay around Central Florida. The song was sold as a CD single with the second song, penned by Lane Turner the disc, “King of Pain” also receiving some airplay. On the physical single were the words “From the forthcoming Warner Brothers album RIGHT ON TIME (2/6-48655) . Unfortunately, the single did not fare as well in other markets and died at #56.

The second single released, “Right On Time” also received some airplay, but I did not see a CD single on sale for the song. I patiently awaited release of the album but by mid-2005 (after some inquiries) I resigned myself to the fact that Warner Brothers had bailed on the album. Since the market seemed to be turning away from traditional country sounds (pseudo boy-band Rascal Flatts seemed to be the hottest thing going), I doubted that Turner would get another crack at a major label.

About five years ago, a friend of mine brought me a promotional CD that he’d copied for me that was never officially released and he had added a few extra tracks he’d found. The CD was the Warner Brothers album RIGHT ON TIME.

I don’t have any writer information for the remaining songs, although I suspect that Lane had a hand in writing most of them

“King of Pain” is a ballad of lost love.

“Halfway to Mexico” is up-tempo modern country with some Mexican rhythms.

“Better to Have Loved” is a ballad of the kind that George Strait routinely turned into hits.

“Let You Go” is an up-tempo song of loss with a banjo serving as the driving force behind the melody.

I have no idea why “Right On Time” was not a hit. The song is a thoughtful slow ballad.

“Happy Hour” is a throwback to early 1970s country, not unlike some of Freddie Hart’s hits but also similar to some of George Strait’s ballads.

“Outside Looking In” is an up-tempo rocker that might have made a good single.

“Thinking Right This Time” is a mid-tempo ballad about a fellow coming to grips with his errors of omission that cost him the loss of the love of his life.

“Horses” is a dialogue between a father to his young son. The father has lost custody of his son to his ex-wife and he is reminding the son to remember the things he has learned such as how to ride horses.

“If It Ain’t One Thing It’s Another” is an up-tempo ballad about life’s little problems.

“Always Wanting You More (Breathless)” was the biggest hit for Lane Turner, an excellent ballad about the mystery generated by his love, a mystery that he cannot fathom but always wants.

Some of this album is available to view on Youtube such as this clip for “The Horses”.

I would regard this album as an A- and deeply regret that Lane Turner never got a real shot at stardom. Perhaps he was too similar to George Strait, or perhaps radio programmers of the time simply had lost interest in real county music. These were good songs that in a different time could have been his.

Lane released an EP in 2009 titled LANE TURNER, currently available as a digital download on Amazon. In 2011 he surfaced as the lead singer of the group Western Underground. This band was formerly Chris LeDoux’s road band. I believe he is still with this group.

2 responses to “Lane Turner – Stardom Unfulfilled

  1. bob July 30, 2018 at 10:05 am

    Saw the Kent Blazy Band with Lane Turner 7 years ago at the Bluebird Cafe. LT sure can sing. I bought one song he sang that night, “Where’s a Sunset When You Need One” – solely written by LT. A few years ago, I added “Every Man for Himself”, a Turner & Blazy song. I-Tunes only has 7 of his songs. “Let You Go” is the only one included of the songs you mentioned.

  2. Paul W Dennis July 30, 2018 at 11:52 pm


    I have twenty tracks by Lane Turner – there may be more but the following are all I’ve found:
    01 King of Pain
    02 Halfway to Mexico
    03 Better to Have Loved
    04 Let You Go
    05 Right On Time
    06 Happy Hour
    07 Outside Looking In
    08 Thinking Right This Time
    09 Horses
    10 If It Ain’t One Thing It’s Another
    11 Always Wanting You More (Breathless)
    12 Little Book of Matches
    13 When Teardrops Were Roses
    14 Too Far Gone
    15 Smoke and Mirrors
    16 Where’s A Sunset (When You Need One)
    17 Every Man For Himself
    18 Little Book of Matches
    19 Too Damn Young
    20 Again

    1-11 or possibly 1-12 were what was intended to be the unissued Warner Brothers album
    I don’t know the source for 13,14,15
    16-20 were the 2009 EP

    If there are more tracks, I’d like to know about them

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