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Daily Archives: December 12, 2017

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Album Review: The Bellamy Brothers – ‘Sons of the Sun’

The Bellamy Brothers’ sixth studio album was also released in 1980 and continued the duo’s winning streak with two high performing singles. The lead single, and album opener, “Lovers Live Longer” hit #3. They returned to the top with “Do You Love as Good as You Look,” which sat comfortably in their signature style.

The album boasts many enjoyable traditional-leaning moments among the ten tracks. “It’s Hard to be a Cowboy These Days” is a western-themed ballad with lovely interjections of dobro throughout. Other standout moments include the pure honky-tonk “Classic Case of the Blues” and the deliciously uptempo “Honey, We Don’t Know No One in Nashville.” All three are excellent and well-worth checking out. I also really liked “Givin’ Into Love Again” and “Illusions of Love.”

The record as a whole is stamped with the Urban Cowboy sounds of the era, so tracks like “Dancin’ Romance,” which finds its roots in R&B are thrown into the mix. Also adventurous is “Spiders and Snakes,” which relies on a funky groove to drive the melody. The somewhat intriguing “Endangered Species” is a lush ballad that tastefully displaces their harmonies.

There seem to be more nods to traditionalism here than Occasional Hope found on the album’s predecessor, which makes for an enjoyable listening experience. There are some truly excellent moments here and much more to like than dislike. I would check out the whole album while paying particular attention to the album’s more worthy moments.

Grade: A-