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Album Review: Nathan Carter – ‘Time of My Life’

Nathan Carter was all of 21 when he released his third album, Time of My Life, in 2011. The album opens with the title track, a surprisingly effective cover of Green Day’s 1997 pop classic, with lovely Irish touches. His version of “Take Another Little Piece of My Heart” is a solid yet jarring interpretation of Faith Hill’s much-disparaged rendition of the song. The lyric, when taken from a man’s perspective, sounds oddly juvenile.

Carter transforms Don Williams’ “Lay Down Beside Me” into a mid-1990s power ballad. His take, which I like, is so convincing I would’ve expected to hear it grace country radio circa 1995-1996. I’m not so keen on his reading of “Delta Dawn,” which he transforms into a bright country shuffle. He treats “Fishin’ In The Dark” well, but he’s no match for Jeff Hanna or Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

“Where Do You Go To My Lovely” was composed and originally released by British singer-songwriter Peter Sarstdet in 1969. The song is perfect for Carter, who wraps his vibrato around it gorgeously. The beautiful “My Forever Friend” is presented here as a duet with Charlie Landsborough, from who the song originates. “One For The Road” is an excellent and bright sing-a-long brimming with fiddle. “The Dancer,” a mid-tempo waltz, is just as wonderful.

“The Rainbow in Glenfarne” is a moderately paced Irish folk tune that fits nicely with the other bright fiddle tunes on the album. The medley of “Spanish Dancer / Holy Ground / Westmeath Bachelor” might be more of the same sonically, but it’s the fastest track on the record and just a delight.

I wholly recommend the album, even if I found the cover songs to be a bit subpar. As Paul pointed out, these songs are likely new to Carter’s audience, but to my ears they aren’t very good. But Carter possesses a lot of charm and has a strong voice, which carries the album over the finish line.

Grade: B+ 

2 responses to “Album Review: Nathan Carter – ‘Time of My Life’

  1. Paul W Dennis September 25, 2017 at 8:16 pm

    I’d be interesting in hearing Nathan Carter’s take on “Where Do You Go To My Lovely”. I doubt that Carter handles the song as well as did the writer.

    The song got to #1 during my second month in London and stayed there for four weeks

    There are a lot of references in the song that would mean less than nothing to an American audience:

    Marlene Dietrich: German American actress and singer
    Zizi Jeanmaire: French ballerina
    Pierre Balmain: French designer of elegant fashions
    Boulevard Saint-Michel: street in the Latin Quarter of Paris
    The Rolling Stones: popular British rock and roll band
    Sacha Distel: French singer and musician
    Sorbonne: University of Paris
    Picasso: Spanish pioneer of modern art
    Juan-les-Pins: fashionable beach resort on the French Riviera
    Topless swimsuit: first conceived by Austrian-American fashion designer Rudi Gernreich in 1964
    Saint Moritz: fashionable ski resort in the Engadin, Swiss Alps
    Napoleon brandy: a blended brandy all of which have been aged for at least six years
    Aga Khan: world-travelling Islamic leader and racehorse owner

  2. Sparkling Dawn September 27, 2017 at 7:32 am

    This is one of my first Nathan Carter albums and I absolutely love it. “The Rainbow in Glenfarne” is one of my favourite tracks, love the music. The duet with Charlie Lansborough “Forever Friend” is beautiful. I always put this CD on when I need a little uplift to the day.

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