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Classic Rewind: Don Williams – ‘Some Broken Hearts Never Mend’


4 responses to “Classic Rewind: Don Williams – ‘Some Broken Hearts Never Mend’

  1. Luckyoldsun May 9, 2017 at 11:13 pm

    Nice performance by Don, but having an androgynous elf in red pajamas prance around behind him and occasionally break into guitar solos is a bit distracting.

    • Brett May 10, 2017 at 7:09 pm

      Yeah i agree with the nut job in red! He was a bit much to take, talented…but a bit much. Otherwise great performance. Lol…it even looked like Don was annoyed by it!

    • Ken May 13, 2017 at 9:30 pm

      Wow. Another of your incredibly insightful observations. This clip is from around 1982 so the hair styles and clothing reflect that era. Your continuing comments regarding this topic are tedious. So let me state this for you once and for all. You can assume that people had different hair styles and wore different styles of clothing in the past. Those styles can look odd or unusual by today’s standards, But it’s unnecessary to make fun of them in every vintage clip that you see because the videos were not posted to showcase vintage hair styles and clothing. They are here because of the song and the musical performance. Future comments from you on that topic are no longer necessary as you will look foolish for stating the obvious. (Not that it will stop you) Making fun of people is a sign that you have no worthwhile or pertinent comments to make – including knowledge to share – so you must resort to childish insults to have anything to say.

      The very talented guitar player dressed in red is Don’s long time band member Danny Flowers. As stated above his stage clothes reflect that era. Some country acts & their band members in that era dressed like many of the pop performers in bright attention-getting clothing. Others adopted a more mainstream or western styled “urban cowboy” look. Danny obviously chose the former. I recall hundreds of guys in that era that had similar hair cuts and it was not considered “androgynous” at that time. Danny played harmonica and/or guitar on most of Don’s sessions from the mid-70’s til the early 90’s. He is also a talented songwriter and penned Don’s mega-hit “Tulsa Time,” Perhaps if you looked beyond superficial observations you might have noticed how talented he is.

      Don’t think Danny was “prancing” around nor was Don annoyed by it. Looks like Danny was just having fun with the rest of the band. Don & Danny toured and recorded together for many years and Don was always highly complimentary of Danny onstage each time that he introduced him.

    • Paul W Dennis May 14, 2017 at 7:34 am

      I didn’t realize that your concentration was so bad that a basically stationary guitar player could distract you so easily. Granted the fashion of the time was a bit bizarre, but look at any rock or R&B group today or pop icons of the past such as Hammer and you will see far more bizarre dress).

      Flowers did NO “prancing” around the stage

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