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Week ending 3/25/17: #1 singles this week in country music history

1957 (Sales):Young Love/You’re The Reason I’m In Love — Sonny James (Capitol)

1957 (Jukebox): Young Love — Sonny James (Capitol)

1957 (Disc Jockeys): Young Love — Sonny James (Capitol)

1967: I Won’t Come In While He’s There — Jim Reeves (RCA)

1977: Southern Nights — Glen Campbell (Capitol)

1987: I’ll Still Be Loving You — Restless Heart (RCA)

1997: We Danced Anyway — Deana Carter (Capitol)

2007: Beer In Mexico — Kenny Chesney (BNA)

2017: Body Like a Back Road — Sam Hunt (MCA)

2017 (Airplay): Dirt On My Boots — Jon Pardi (Capitol)

2 responses to “Week ending 3/25/17: #1 singles this week in country music history

  1. Ken March 26, 2017 at 1:28 pm

    Sonny James two-sided country hit sixty years ago this week ultimately gave him the biggest chart success of his career with a nine week run at #1. Unfortunately the excellent “B” side was not as well-remembered due to being overshadowed by the remarkable crossover success of “Young Love.” But what significantly pushed “You’re The Reason In In Love” into obscurity was that the track was never released on a Sonny James album or greatest hits compilation LP. Capitol did include the song on one 45 RPM EP in 1958. But when the original 45 and EP went out of print that song became unavailable for purchase by fans or for radio airplay from stations that did not possess the original pressings. [It was eventually released on CD decades later]

    In 1971 Sonny’s second tenure with Capitol ended and he moved to the Columbia label. He had been a consistent hit-maker for Capitol since his return to the imprint in 1963 after short contracts with NRC, RCA Victor, Groove and Dot. His return to to Capitol created the most successful period of his career including a record setting stretch of sixteen consecutive #1 country hits. As most record companies do when their flagship artist departs for another label Capitol mined their vaults for recordings that had potential to be hit singles. Their first selection was Sonny’s unreleased re-recording of “You’re The Reason I’m In Love” from a November 1968 session. It featured an updated instrumental backing track that included trumpets but retained the arrangement used by the backing vocalists on the original. According to Sonny they reverted back to the songwriter’s original title “That’s Why I Love You Like I Do” that had been changed at Sonny’s request to the first line of the song for the 1956 release. The new version became Sonny’s last #1 single for Capitol during the final week of June 1972. Compare that recording to the original that is linked to above.

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