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Christmas Single Review: Sunny Sweeney – ‘One More Christmas Beer’

one-more-christmas-beerSunny Sweeney’s new Christmas single is a closely observed, affectionate and highly comic look at the strains of Christmas with the family. The song (written by Sunny with Monty Holmes and Buddy Owens) has been around for a while but appears to be new to iTunes.

Opening with a jaunty whistle and some Christmas bells before launching into the tune, Sunny paints a picture of family who drink, fight and drink some more to cope with the misery of being cooped up together, all with charm and good humor.

The later it gets
The drunker we are
Someone always ends up in a fight
We think that a family try to get along
At least this one day a year
Well the fact is we can’t
We never will
So pass me one more Christmas beer

Later we hear that

Grandma is bitchin’
About men in the kitchen
It’s a good thing my grandpa can’t hear

It’s left unstated whether Grandpa is just deaf or has passed beyond all earthly cares, although I presume the former.

If you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em
Get drunk and annoy ‘em
I’m usually the one that tries to hold it together
Someone smoked up all my Christmas cheer
We don’t know any better
Same thing different year
God bless the family
Can’t wait till it’s over
Pass me one more Christmas beer

This is a fun counterpoint to the enforced jollity of so much Christmas music. Like most comedy, it’s deliberately exaggerated, but not so far as to seem removed from reality.

Highly recommended.

Grade: A+

2 responses to “Christmas Single Review: Sunny Sweeney – ‘One More Christmas Beer’

  1. Ken December 15, 2016 at 10:36 am

    The lyrics are pretty funny but it would’ve been more enjoyable for me if the lead guitar was not so loud & abrasive. I love Sunny’s voice as she’s one of the few truly good female country singers left. Most sound like wannabe pop/rock stars that just want to scream their guts out. The horrible Maren Morris is exhibit #1 in the latter category.

    As mentioned this song is available for the first time this year on ITunes but it was first released five Christmases ago. Here’s a link to the original YouTube post from 2011

  2. Luckyoldsun December 18, 2016 at 12:11 am

    Good song, but it doesn’t “hold a candle” to the classic of this “genre,” REK’s “Merry Christmas From the Family.” Keene just has such a sharp, writer’s eye for detail that Miss Sweeney can’t match. (And Keene is more believable at sounding trashy than the sunny–and beautiful–Miss Sweeney.)

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