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Album Review: Lonestar – ‘Never Enders’

mi0004046283Lonestar moved to Shanachie Records for their latest album, Never Enders, which dropped earlier this year. Their own Dean Sams produced the record, which consists of ten songs.

The title track, a rocker about not giving up, was the lone single, which failed to chart. Richie McDonald co-wrote it, along with six other tracks. Those other compositions are of varying quality, with dreck interspersed with some good songs. I liked “Us” and “This Time,” but the rest were awful. “My Own Hometown” strives to be worthwhile but it comes off as an uninspired second rate “Everything’s Changed.”

I’ll give the band credit for attempting to keep this album country, but the rock elements smother the steel guitar so much, I’m surprised it’s still audible. The rest of the tracks aren’t much better and the album as a whole comes off uninspired. I’m sure they put effort into this, but there’s just nothing essential about Never Enders that even comes close to holding my attention.

My only noteworthy Lonestar connection of late is that they’re headlining a first-ever country music festival the next town over from me in May. I’m probably not going to attend without seeing the full lineup, but this is a big if not too exciting ‘get’ for the organizers. I just wish this album knew what it wanted to be and was much stronger.

Grade: C

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