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Album Review: Lonestar – ‘Life As We Know It’

life-as-we-know-itRichie McDonald returned to the band in 2011, and in 213 they recorded a new album which was released on their own label.

The first single, ‘The Countdown’, is a well written song about looking forward to being reunited with a loved one, with a strong lead vocal from Richie McDonald; but the arrangement is musically bland and not very country with some irritating “oh-oh-ohs” interjected. It failed to catch fire with country radio, peaking well outside the top 40. The same fate befell ‘Maybe Someday’, another song whose arrangement has very little to identify it as country.

There were three further singles which sank without trace. The terrible ‘Party All Day’ is a dreadful brocountry mess of a song featuring shouting, a feeble rap, and a simplistic cliché-ridden sexist lyric. Embarrassingly bad. ‘Just the Rain’ is infinitely better, a delicate ballad about missing a loved one who has died, sung emotionally by McDonald (who wrote the song with Jeremy Bussey). It feels as if it is on the wrong album. The final single, ‘Pretty Good Day’ is pleasant but bland.

‘With My Eyes Open’ is an AC ballad. Also leaning in the AC direction, ‘If It Wasn’t For You’ is quite a pleasant love song. The title track is earnest but over-produced. ‘I Did It For The Girl’ is forgettable.

‘How Can She Be Everywhere’ is a loud rock number whose idea of a country star to name-drop is Big & Rich. ‘Oh Yeah’, which closes the record, is even worse, a witless repetitive rocker. ‘I Miss When’ is a boring song which the band has unsuccessfully tried to make interesting by adding weird experimental sound effects.

Download ‘Just The Rain’ and forget the rest.

Grade: D-

One response to “Album Review: Lonestar – ‘Life As We Know It’

  1. Timothy Yap September 29, 2016 at 10:31 pm

    Thanks for the review! I stopped listening to Lonestar after they left BNA. So good to know I didn’t miss out much 🙂

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