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Single Review: Dwight Yoakam – ‘Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Another Day’ b/w ‘High on a Mountain of Love’

51bARUV4GWLDwight Yoakam’s latest effort comes to us courtesy of Third Man Records, a niche label specializing in vinyl releases that was founded by Jack White in 2001. The 7″ single was released last week, with White himself producing. Both the A and B sides of the record are remakes of songs whose origins are from outside of country music. Written by Tommy Boyce and Steve Venet, ‘Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Another Day’ was originally a 1966 album cut for The Monkees. I’d never heard it before but it works reasonably well as a rockabilly number and is not all that different from a lot of Yoakam’s other rock-tinged offerings. It’s a decent song, but probably not one I would have chosen to resurrect for a single release. I prefer the B side of the record, ‘High on a Mountain of Love’, which was recorded by a number of pop acts in the 1960s. It was also a #1 country hit for Charley Pride in 1981. I remember listening to and greatly enjoying that version when I was growing up.

Both songs are pleasant enough and well performed by Dwight, but Jack White is not my favorite producer and his choices here had tremendous negative impact on my ability to enjoy either song. The arrangements on ‘Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Another Day’ are cluttered and busy. ‘High on a Mountain of Love’ is better in that respect, but one has to almost strain in order to hear Dwight’s vocals over the music. This is also true, to a somewhat lesser extent on the A side of the record. Both recordings have a very tinny low fidelity sound, which I suspect was deliberate and probably a way to tie into the “vinyl is cool” mentality. They sound like they were recorded in a garage. I didn’t like that production approach when White used it with Loretta Lynn and I don’t like it now. Both of these tracks would have been a whole lot better if they had been recorded in a more conventional manner.

Grade: B-

4 responses to “Single Review: Dwight Yoakam – ‘Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Another Day’ b/w ‘High on a Mountain of Love’

  1. Ken June 17, 2016 at 9:11 am

    Ever since Dwight and producer Peter Anderson parted ways it’s been mostly downhill for Dwight’s recordings. These two bombs take him to a new low. Why anyone thinks that Jack White has a clue as a producer is beyond me as he’s obviously hearing impaired. Dwight may have a great performance here but you could never tell because it’s buried in the audio swamp of this muddy mix. The results are nothing but overly compressed noise.

    By the way the proper title of the second song is “Mountain Of Love.” It peaked at #21 on the pop survey for the writer Harold Dorman in 1960 then hit #9 for Johnny Rivers in 1964. Charley Pride made it into a #1 country hit in 1982. Dorman co-wrote Pride’s 1974 hit “Mississippi Cotton Pickin’ Delta Town.”

    • Jonathan Pappalardo June 17, 2016 at 11:09 am

      I couldn’t agree more. I think the last Dwight Yoakam album I really enjoyed was Population: Me, thirteen years ago. I wanted to love the Buck Owens tribute, too.

      I bought the vinyl but haven’t listened to it yet. I still love him and always hope I’ll enjoy whatever he releases.

    • Razor X June 17, 2016 at 12:00 pm

      ‘By the way the proper title of the second song is “Mountain Of Love.”’

      I know, but rightly or wrongly “High on a Mountain of Love” is how it’s referred to on the label and in Third Man’s press releases

      • luckyoldsun June 17, 2016 at 1:25 pm

        From the short clip of “Mountain of Love” that I managed to find, I thought I was listening to Dwight doing “Dumas Walker”–(but not as well as the Headhunters did it!)

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