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Single Review: Cam – ‘Mayday’

cam-mayday-single-cover1I’ve been lukewarm towards Cam. I love ‘Burning House’ as a song but she could’ve done so much more with it emotionally. It didn’t help that the most recent runner-up on The Voice, Emily Ann Roberts, found a desperation and sadness within the lyric that evaded its own singer and co-writer. Cam certainly had the song, but she failed to deliver it.

But that isn’t to suggest she can’t be a compelling vocalist. She has far less to work with on her new single “Mayday,” which might prove the secret ingredient for her wonderful delivery of the lyric. The record is an effervescent mid-tempo ballad that nicely extenuates her subtle twang. The light and breezy groove is a welcomed change of pace from the usual mainstream affair.

I do have a soft spot for songs in this vein. “Mayday” reminds me slightly of Deana Carter’s “We Danced Anyway,” which is a gold standard of this style. Carter’s hit walks all over this one, but that’s to be expected given the standards of excellence these days.

Is “Mayday” a great song? It’s not the best thing I’ve heard recently but it also isn’t the worst. It comes and goes without much emotional resonance but it is fun to listen to. Sometimes that should be enough. In this case it is.

Grade: B

Listen Here.

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