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Week ending 4/9/16: #1 singles this week in country music history

morris101956 (Sales): Heartbreak Hotel/I Was The One — Elvis Presley (RCA)

1956 (Jukebox): Heartbreak Hotel — Elvis Presley (RCA)
                       (tie): Blue Suede Shoes — Carl Perkins (Sun)

1956 (Disc Jockeys): Heartbreak Hotel — Elvis Presley (RCA)

1966: I Want To Go With You — Eddy Arnold (RCA)

1976: You’ll Lose a Good Thing — Freddy Fender (ABC/Dot)

1986: 100% Chance of Rain — Gary Morris (Warner Bros.)

1996: To Be Loved By You — Wynonna (MCA/Curb)

2006: What Hurts the Most — Rascal Flatts (Lyric Street)

2016: You Should Be Here — Cole Swindell (Warner Bros.)

2016 (Airplay): You Should Be Here — Cole Swindell (Warner Bros.)

One response to “Week ending 4/9/16: #1 singles this week in country music history

  1. Ken April 10, 2016 at 1:39 pm

    In late 1965 “Make The World Go Away” went to #1 on the country chart for Eddy Arnold where it remained for three weeks. That single also climbed to #6 on the Billboard pop survey. After a hit of that magnitude Eddy needed to find another great song for his next single. He selected Hank Cochran’s superb composition “I Want To Go With You.” Though that recording failed to achieve similar mainstream pop success it did top Billboard’s adult contemporary survey for three weeks.
    The record became Eddy’s biggest country chart hit of the 1960’s. It topped the Billboard country survey for six consecutive weeks.

    Since the CD era began an alternate version of that song been issued on almost all Eddy Arnold CD’s. The original version is 2:35 while the alternate take runs a few seconds longer to 2:38. In addition to each version having a slightly different mix the most notable difference comes on the last line. At 2:16 on the hit single Eddy sings “the one your love takes me to – I want to go with you…” while on the alternate take the word “one” was changed to “world.” Eddy’s inflection also changed with his voice soaring higher at 2:20 for the final line “the world your love takes me to I want to go with you.” So far the only correct CD issue of the hit single I’ve found is on the CD version of Eddy’s 1967 album “The Best Of Eddy Arnold.”

    Another version of “I Want To Go With You” was made in 1973 when Eddy re-recorded many of his biggest RCA Victor hits for MGM. That version has also been posted to YouTube.

    The version linked to above is the alternate RCA Victor take. Below is the 1966 hit. The person that posted it incorrectly labeled it as the “remix version” when in fact it is indeed the actual single hit.

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