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Promo Song Review: Trisha Yearwood – ‘Broken’

500x500This Sunday (March 20) Fox is airing The Passion: New Orleans a three-hour live musical event modernizing the story of Jesus Christ. Hosted by Tyler Perry, the show will highlight ‘the voices and songs of the most celebrated performers of today.’ Among them is Trisha Yearwood, who will assume the role of Jesus’ mother Mary.

Anytime Yearwood is attached to a musical project, whether it’s an album of her own or a separate endeavor, is an event in and of itself. Her musical contributions this time around find her covering modern pop songs including “I Won’t Give Up” (Jason Mraz), “My Love is Your Love” (Whitney Houston), “Hands” (Jewel) and “You Never Walk Alone” (From Carousel).

Her promotional track, which was made available as an advance download when you pre-order the soundtrack, is “Broken” a song originally released by Alternative band Lifehouse as a single in 2008. Jason Wade, who fronts the band, was inspired to pen the tune after visiting a friend in need of a kidney transplant. It wasn’t a big hit although it peaked at #7 Adult Top 40 chart.

In interviews Yearwood has said the song comes towards the end of the musical in conjunction with a giant lighted cross that will be paraded down the streets of New Orleans as she sings. It’s a powerful anthem and she sings the fire out of it. As indicated by the newly recorded tracks on Prizefighter: Hit After Hit, she hasn’t lost an ounce of her power and vibrato.

I do take issue with the production and not the fact this is purely pop. The whole thing has the feel of a winners single from American Idol – generic and bombastic with mass appeal over nuance. There is absolutely nothing interesting in how this track came together. I’m not surprised seeing as this musical special and Idol air on the same network.

But I have to give the producers credit for casting a fifty-one year old country singer, who has fallen out of favor with radio, as the female lead. It would’ve been easier to go with someone like Carrie Underwood, even if she’s about twenty years younger. All this proves that Yearwood, likely thanks to her cooking show, still has some mass appeal. I, for one, couldn’t be more ecstatic about that.

Trisha Yearwood is my favorite singer, which “Broken” more than affirms. I only wish they had framed her vocal with more subtly to let her and not the arrangement take center stage. If the production had been toned down just a hair, this would’ve been a slam-dunk. As it stands, this is just above very good.

Grade: A-


6 responses to “Promo Song Review: Trisha Yearwood – ‘Broken’

  1. Razor X March 18, 2016 at 8:46 am

    I didn’t care for this song at all.

  2. Stan Zorin March 18, 2016 at 5:04 pm

    Arrangement wrecking the song – like drums – totally unnecessary. And choral at the end too. Truly, this could have been a so much better song

  3. luckyoldsun March 18, 2016 at 5:34 pm

    As Delbert would say: “I’m with You.”

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