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Single/song review: Sunny Sweeney and Brennen Leigh – ‘But You Like Country Music’

but-you-like-country-musicI’m a fan of both Sunny Sweeney and Brennen Leigh, so I was intrigued to hear their new duet. Although it’s not a formal radio single, it’s available now as an iTunes download, and it is well worth hearing.

A closely observed (if comically exaggerated) and witty debate between two women with very different outlooks on life who share a deep love of country music, the song wraps up a serious message about diversity and tolerance in a set of funny putdowns.

Brennen plays the environmentally aware hippie, and Sunny her ultra-conservative neighbour. they disdain and ignore one another until they discover a shared love, criticising one another’s choice of cars, garden layout and clothing, and swapping insults.

Sunny opens with:

I saw you pull up next door in your Subaru
I bet that thing runs on veggie oil…
I bet you’re probably growing marijuana
In that big organic garden in your yard
You walk around in sandals and pyjamas
Was getting dressed really all that hard?

Brennen responds,

I’m surprised you even saw me where you’re sitting
Behind that 747 in your drive
That’s the greenest grass I think I’ve ever seen
It’s probably from all the dangerous pesticides

They add in some political gibes, before they find common ground:

I was gonna keep my distance
‘Cause we are so different
Til one day I heard you cranking up the Hag

You like country music do ya?

What if I do, what’s it to ya?

Well, if you like country music
Then I guess you’re not so bad

They conclude,

It’s true that we’ve got nothing in common
But a love of country music conquers all

This is highly entertaining. The production is very traditional – no wonder, when their respective record collections,

cover all the bases
From Kitty Wells all the way to Dwight

Generally, a delight. <a href="http://“>Watch them performing it live.

Grade: A+

5 responses to “Single/song review: Sunny Sweeney and Brennen Leigh – ‘But You Like Country Music’

  1. Ken January 25, 2016 at 10:20 am

    Been a big fan of Sunny Sweeney for some time now. First saw this clip late last summer and thought it was hilarious and very clever. The studio version is even better with some outstanding steel guitar licks.

    Country music tends to be stereotyped as having fans that are all of one political mindset. The subtext of this song is great because it accurately conveys that musical preference is not tied to political views or social background. Back in the 70’s I recall going to country concerts for Willie and Merle that had a lot of hippies & Deadheads in the audience. Pretty diverse group of fans.

    Funniest line for me is: “….that anxious paranoia really gets me down – you’re clearly watching way too much Fox News.”

    • Paul W Dennis January 25, 2016 at 11:45 pm

      It’s worth a laugh but you could substitute CNN or MSNBC and it would be at least as true. The only objective news available is the BBC World Service on NPR

      I doubt radio will give this much play, but I like both artists a lot

      • Ken January 26, 2016 at 9:57 am

        Actually no other news outlet would make sense in the context of those lyrics. You may argue the credibility of any news source but only Fox fuels extreme paranoia. They constantly blow everything out of proportion especially when it doesn’t fit with their extreme right-wing agenda.
        That entire network is a reflection of the political viewpoint of it’s owner Rupert Murdoch that is both scary and dangerous. Watching Fox – and believing their rhetoric – would make anyone paranoid that uses no other source for their information.

  2. Razor X January 27, 2016 at 4:30 pm

    OK, I think we’re veering too far off into politics again. Fantastic clip and song.

  3. Kenneth Loebel May 5, 2019 at 9:25 am

    Best damn song in a long time… I want this to go #1.
    Great song!!!!
    We need this edge of humor mixed with love!!!

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