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Daily Archives: November 17, 2015

Classic Rewind: Glen Campbell – ‘It’s A Sin (When You Love Somebody)’

EP Review: Jake Worthington – ‘Jake Worthington’

jake worthingtonTexan Jake Worthington was just 17 when he finished in second place on The Voice last year. It didn’t lead directly to anything significant for him, but now, still in his teens, he has released a five-track EP of neo-traditional country music which is worth checking out. He has an excellent voice with classic country stylings, and all the right instincts musically. The solid country production is in keeping with his voice, and he has found some good material.

The outstanding song is ‘This Damn Memory’, a classic styled heartbreak tune about being unable to shake a memory. I’d recommend this as a download even if you pass on the rest.

Also notable, the beautifully sung ‘Friends’ is an intensely told story song about how a friend’s waning stops a man from drink driving and unwittingly killing his own son:

Just one more drink he would’ve ran right through that traffic light
But he slammed on his brakes in the nick of time
As a vintage Mustang passed on the other side
It was the souped up kind
Got him to thinkin’ back at the bar before he left
What a friend said
“Man just one more beer, someone’ll end up dead”
‘Bout time he listened and sat that bottle down
Cause home was on the far side of town

They’ll tell you when you’re wrong
No matter what the cost
They don’t mean any harm
‘Cause what just happened sure set his heart sinking
Friends drive friends to thinkin’

‘Just Keep Falling In Love’ is very charming, and ‘That’s When’ is a nice straightforward love song.

‘Don’t Let the Redneck (Fool Ya)’ is the only track I could live without, a bootscooting number reminiscent of Brooks & Dunn at their most generic. It could be worse, but doesn’t show off Jake’s real strength, his rich, emotive voice.

This is a promising debut from a young artist. I’m only sorry it’s not a full length album.

Grade: A-