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Single Review: Jon Pardi – ‘Head Over Boots’

head over bootsThe engaging young country rocker Jon Pardi heralds his upcoming second full length album with this single. He needs a hit, as only one of the singles from his last album made a real mark on the charts.

The nicely grooving and catchy mid-tempo tune is a straightforward love song, which Pardi wrote with Luke Laird. It’s well constructed and while there isn’t a lot to say about it, the whole thing is highly likeable. The object of the singer’s affections would surely be charmed by this approach.

The production is understated and sunny, while the singer’s youthful insouciance lets him get away with the playful title. It sounds radio friendly, and will hopefully be a big hit for the Capitol artist.

Grade: B+

Listen here.

3 responses to “Single Review: Jon Pardi – ‘Head Over Boots’

  1. Leeann Ward September 22, 2015 at 10:49 pm

    I like this single too. It’s “head” not “heart” though.

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