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Single Review: Trisha Yearwood – ‘I Remember You’

i remember youThe second single from Trisha Yearwood’s Prize Fighter is a much better song than its predecessor, and is perhaps the standout on the album, although it’s certainly not commercial as a single in today’s market.

A delicate stripped down arrangement has Trisha’s voice accompanied solely by an unobtrusive acoustic guitar (played by co-writer Caver) and strings (a single cello dominating), with Trisha’s sister Beth singing harmony

Written by relative unknowns Nashville-based Canadian songwriter Kelly Archer, Ben Caver and Brad Rempel (a member of Canadian country duo High Valley), this is a deeply emotional song about love and the loss of bereavement. Yearwood’s interpretation is clearly informed by the recent death of her mother.

I’m still disappointed that Trisha appears to be guided by her husband’s business plan in releasing so few new songs packaged with remakes. But that aside, this is as close to perfect a record as it gets: an outstanding song and a stunning vocal by one of the all-time great singers, who is still at the peak of her powers, perfectly supported y by the tasteful arrangement.

Grade: A+

2 responses to “Single Review: Trisha Yearwood – ‘I Remember You’

  1. Paul W Dennis March 27, 2015 at 6:44 am

    Trisha is still the gold standard of the under 55 set – a superior vocal interpreter whose every recording is worth hearing

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