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Daily Archives: May 29, 2014

Classic Rewind: Mel Tillis – ‘Good Woman Blues’

Single Review: Travis Tritt – ‘That’s What Dreamers Do’

dreamersIt’s been over seven years since Travis Tritt had a single on the charts and more than a dozen since his last Top 10 hit, 2002’s “Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde”. He wrote his latest effort, released earlier this month on his own label, for the film As Dreamers Do, which tells the story of the early life of Walt Disney (Tritt is the film’s narrator).

Tritt’s best moments on record were always his ballads and “That’s What Dreamers Do” easily holds its own with classics such as “Anymore”, “Can I Trust You With My Heart” and “Best of Intentions.” Backed mainly by an acoustic guitar and a tastefully arranged string section, the new recording is not as slickly-produced as Travis’ 90s hits. His voice, while still in great form, is ever so slightly rougher than it was back in the day. That may be due to a lack of technological studio tricks which were probably beyond the budget constraints of this independently-released project.

Fifteen years ago this song would have had a decent shot of becoming a monster hit, but sadly, the landscape has changed dramatically since then and not for the better. The record will almost certainly languish in obscurity, but even though the masses may never hear it, loyal Travis Tritt fans will love it. No matter how it fares commercially, it’s great to hear something new from Travis Tritt again. “That’s What Dreamers Do” is available for download at iTunes and is highly recommended.

Grade: A