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Single Review: Sunny Sweeney – ‘Bad Girl Phase’

Sunny-Sweeney-Bad-Girl-PhaseIt’s a been while since Sunny Sweeney last released new music, so I was excited to find she had a new single out leading up to a new album due out in August.

She is in defiant mood, celebrating going through the titular “bad girl phase” in country rock style somewhat reminiscent of Miranda Lambert and the Pistol Annies. The production is a bit on the loud side, but not overwhelming by any means, and Sunny’s voice and energy cut through the backings with no problems. I was initially not quite sure about this direction for Sunny, but the song (written by Brandy Clark and Jessie Jo Dillon) is extremely well constructed and sung with real conviction which sells it, and the track wears well on repeated listens.

The protagonist is more than happy to be drinking, smoking and playing the field for a while:

My moral compass’s taking a break
I’m a good girl in a band girl phase
The devil on my shoulder wants a beer right now
And a cigarette and a new boyfriend or two
Cause one’s no fun and loves just a waste
On a good girl going through a gone wild stage

Good girls say no
Bad girls say “I’m there!”

The style is a little more in the contemporary direction than Sunny’s previous work, and I could see this getting some radio play with its combination of attitude and tempo, even though she is now going it alone. It’s a well written and performed song which I enjoyed quite a bit. It’s already available for download on iTunes.

Grade: B+

Listen here.

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