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Single Review: Jason Eady – ‘OK Whiskey’

jason eadyThe latest single from excellent independent artist Jason Eady, heralding a new album due in the new year to follow up 2012’s AM Country Heaven, is a consolation for country fans disenfranchised by the way mainstream radio is going these days. In other words, this is a real country song with an arrangement and production serving the song rather than drowning it.

Opening with three attention-grabbing drumbeats before the rest of the band kick in, it keeps the solid groove anchoring the tune with a fiddle. A catchy drinking song with a wry twist, Eady’s compelling vocal brings to life an interesting lyric.

The mid paced story song tells the story of a trucker taking an overnight break from his long run from Kansas to Texas, and spending his evening in an Oklahoma City bar. He seems to be knocking back the whiskeys as though they were beers, because:

It’s whiskey or nothin’ up in Oklahoma
The beer up here just won’t do
Line ’em up, bartender
They don’t have to be your finest
OK whiskey treats me better than that old 3-2

But it all goes to his head, and

Started drinkin in a hurry
Making up for lost time
Lost my mind a little early
Lost my cool too easily
Now I’m sitting in a jailhouse
Guess I learned my lesson
No more messin round with whiskey in that OKC

It’s very neatly constructed, and brought to life by Eady’s confident, convincing vocal. I love this record, which is just the sort of song which ought to be on the radio, but hasn’t a prayer in the current climate.

Listen here.

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