My Kind of Country

Country music from a fan's point of view since 2008


One response to “MyHeart

  1. David Markham. October 5, 2014 at 10:56 am are so Beautiful,I love everything about you,Your voice is beautiful ,
    Your dear father was the same,he’s well missed by me David Markham ,country music promoter from the UKGB .
    I wish I could get your album where your singing one of the kings songs,you can’t where your sitting down with you fish net tights on.
    Anything you do has always been number one for me. ,that Album was recorded in Studeo (B) Nashville, about a few years ago!!
    How do we get hold of you,?. I love all your albums Lorrie,I would like to write more Lorrie,but I’ve just had a brain stroke,
    Please do get in touch and mail me .Daviv Markham.David x

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