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Single Review: Zac Brown Band – ‘Sweet Annie’

zac brown band - sweet annieDo you remember your Annie? She’s the girl you put on the shelf for your career, another woman, or just because you weren’t ready to commit. But her honeyed southern drawl and if-you-love-him-you’ll-forgive-him nature keeps drawing you back. She’s your go-to girl when the world falls in on you. And God bless her heart, she still hasn’t realized it’s only during those toughest of times you turn to her.

To tell us about this Annie, the guys surround the verses’ breezy fiddles with the band’s airtight (and dig those repeating) harmonies.  Here, we find a road-weary man who’s burned as bright as he cares to and is ready to settle down, at least for a bit. It’s not the most romantic proposition when he suggests “can I stay with you a while, cause this road’s been puttin’ miles on my heart”. Nor is his wishing in hindsight he could “turn around and put that bottle down, pray it’s not too late”. Yet the kernel of sincerity in Brown’s vocal delivery makes for a convincing plea. I’ll bet Annie lets him stay.

Zac Brown could make this kind of apologetic tale of wanderlust his wheelhouse (think: “Colder Weather” with a better melody but a less interesting story) if the band would release more like this and stay away from those “jump right in, knee deep in the river”-type songs.

Grade: B+


One response to “Single Review: Zac Brown Band – ‘Sweet Annie’

  1. Occasional Hope August 17, 2013 at 6:19 am

    I guess I relate more to Annie here than the narrator. She deserves better. Nice sounding song, though.

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