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Concert Review: An Unexpected Visitor from Nashville

suzyinconcertLongtime MKOC reader and commenter Tom had the good fortune to see our spotlight artist Suzy Bogguss in concert in Switzerland recently. He wrote the following review for the German magazine Country Style,and has graciously allowed us to reprint it, for the first time in English.

I almost did not trust my eyes: Suzy Bogguss in concert in Laufen, Switzerland. This was almost too good to be true and Laufen too small a place off the beaten track to believe it right away. But as it turned out, Suzy Bogguss, Pat Bergeson and Charlie Chadwick had been on their way to the Salerno Guitar Festival in Italy and someone with good enough connections got them to stop over in this small town in Switzerland for a gig – and what fine concert it turned out to be.

All 400 or so eyes in the small auditorium of Laufen’s beautifully restored Culture & Arts Center “The Old Slaughterhouse” checked out the big bass that was lying quite lost on the dimley lit stage, just waiting to be picked up by the right kind of arms. Then the promotor, Martin Meier, entered the stage and introduced Suzy and her fellow musicians. No sooner had he ended his laid back speech, they stepped out of the dark and kicked things off with “Outbound Plane” followed by “Aces” – still one of the most difficult country hits to understand. Then again, three-way ties have never been an easy thing to understand in the first place. If that was a beautiful start, it surely got even better when she made a real little vocal gem out of Johnny Cash’s “I Still Miss Someone”. In between the songs, she had a blast interacting with the audience and her companions – Pat Bergeson playing acoustic lead guitar and Charlie Chadwick being eventually reunited with his bass. Both of them are excellent musicans and witty entertainers.

After that, Suzy Bogguss, dressed in simple blue jeans and blouse, started to play songs from her latest album American Folk Songbook. “Shenandoah” was the closing title before the mid-session interval. Her superb voice, her sincere delivery and Pat Bergeson’s lonesome harmonica made the audience in that small venue almost believe that they found themselves at a confederate camp fire at the eve of a civil war battle. For a few minutes, it felt as one had been traveling back in time to a far away place.

After the interval classics like “Wayfaring Stranger” and a bunch of cowboy and rodeo tunes were played, before the bluesey “Eat at Joe’s” led on to some of her jazzy material. Rounding off the show were her big chart-hits “Letting go”, which she introduced from a mothers point of view, whose son had left home not too long ago to go to college. “Drive South” and “Hey Cinderella” were the closing numbers before they disappeared into the dark again, receiving a big hand of applause before a series of encores and more applause finished off a nothing less than most excellent and very charming gig out in the sticks of Switzerland.

7 responses to “Concert Review: An Unexpected Visitor from Nashville

  1. Occasional Hope June 24, 2013 at 8:09 am

    It sounds like a great concert.

  2. J.R. Journey June 24, 2013 at 1:10 pm

    Excellent write-up and review. Thanks so much for sharing, Tom.

  3. LMW June 24, 2013 at 3:49 pm

    She was here in Maine a year or so ago, but I missed my chance to see her because it just didn’t work out. It’s certainly something I knew I’d regret though.

  4. Jonathan Pappalardo June 24, 2013 at 5:55 pm

    Would kill to see her live. I also had a chance to see her a year or so ago and blew it. Been looking ever since for her to come back around. Oh well.

    Great review, Tom!

  5. remotecontrolled June 25, 2013 at 12:20 pm

    I’ve seen Suzy several times over the last couple years and there’s a reason I keep going back. It really is just one of the most laid back concerts with still such a high level of quality and skill. She manages to balance so many different styles and makes it accessible to any kind of audience whether they’re a fan of hers or not (saying this from experience of dragging friends along). Pat and Charlie are both fabulous in their own right and Suzy’s vocals are as pure and crystal cut as ever. Not to mention her charm. Even having seen the same show more than once it never gets old as her rapport with the audience is so fun and genuine that each show ends up being a bit different.

    She’s got quite a few dates coming up stateside and will no doubt be promoting her new Haggard Tribute album at them.

    @LMW – she’s back in Maine in September I think

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