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Single Review: Dierks Bentley featuring Kacey Musgraves – ‘Bourbon In Kentucky’

Dierks Bentley - Bourbon In KentuckyOne of the best things about mainstream country today is they haven’t forgotten the drinking songs. Dierks Bentley is one of a handful of artists who consistently hits the top of the charts and still consistently hues more to the traditional side of things. Bentley’s latest single finds the singer lamenting that there’s not enough liquor to numb his heartbreak, already well-mined subject matter for country songwriters.

The track opens with a moody distortion to the music and builds to an arena rock-style crescendo. The juxtaposition of all that bombast and Bentley’s fretful performance of a tried and true classic country music theme actually works very nicely here and Kacey Musgraves provides a fitting smoky harmony part. Continued kudos to Dierks Bentley for keeping the quality high even when he’s obviously aiming for country radio airplay.

Grade: A-

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