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Single Review: Chris Young – ‘Aw Naw’

aw nawChris Young has been one of the brightest spots on country radio in recent years, as someone who is not only one of the few major label artists still rooted in traditional country music, but an outstanding natural vocalist with a great country voice which may just be the best currently on country radio.

So it is all the more disappointing that his latest single is so poor. It is an up-tempo, over-produced and under-written number just like everything else on country radio, with no imagination or subtlety. A drinking song about someone unable to leave the bar when someone buys another round or a pretty girl shows up, the lyrics are cliche’d from start to finish.

It opens with the same paint-by-numbers rock guitar that appears in all too many hit “country” singles these days and stays in that vein. The melody is very limited with no chance for Chris to exercise his vocal ability. Chris himself wrote the song with Ashley Gorley and Chris DiStefano.

On the plus side (faint praise?), his voice still sounds good, and Chris’s vocal shows great energy and commitment. He probably does a more palatable job on the song than almost anyone else would. And while the record is overproduced in a heavy handed and uninspired manner, it isn’t as bad as some of what’s out there. I absolutely hated this the first time I heard it, but repeat plays proved it is quite catchy in its way, and now I merely dislike it. It’s just that he is capable of so much better – and there are too few artists like that around these days so every fall from grace hurts that bit more.

This single has every chance of becoming a hit for Chris – which he needs after his last couple of singles missed the top of the charts. However, ominously, he has gone on record stating that his upcoming fourth album will feature more of the same as this kind of material is what appeals to live audiences.

Grade: C

One response to “Single Review: Chris Young – ‘Aw Naw’

  1. Ben Foster June 12, 2013 at 10:22 am

    I like Chris Young, but this… bleh.

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