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Classic Rewind: Mac Wiseman – ‘Love Letters In The Sand’

2 responses to “Classic Rewind: Mac Wiseman – ‘Love Letters In The Sand’

  1. Paul W Dennis March 3, 2013 at 9:43 am

    Not necessarily the sort of backing band Mac would normally have these days (or even back then) but it’s always nice to see a video clip of the sleek tenor whose voice was labelled “The Voice With A Heart”

    In the music business, Mac did it all – music producer, recording company A&R man, member of Bill Monroe’s Bluegrass Boys , TV star , solo recording star – you name it and Mac WIseman did it well

    If you were to look at my LP/CD collection you’d find more Mac Wiseman & Osborne Brothers in it than any other bluegrass acts . Mac will be 88 in a few months – I’m not sure if he’s still performing at all, but up until a few years ago he was playing the bluegrass festivals

  2. Ken Johnson March 3, 2013 at 1:43 pm

    Mac first recorded “Love Letters In The Sand” in July 1953 at Castle Studio in Nashville with a bluegrass arrangement. Released on Dot single 1191 in 1953 the song was re-released in 1957 as Dot 15578 on the heels of Pat Boone’s #1 pop version (which was also on the Dot label) Though neither single charted, Mac’s recording became a perrenial favorite with bluegrass fans as well as his own.
    This video from the Billy Walker TV show does not showcase Mac’s vocal ability at it’s best. He seems to be straining a bit. Perhaps the key was just a touch too high.

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