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Single Review – Blake Shelton – ‘Sure Be Cool If You Did’

656027d142635924a06b1c36126da926One of the strongest voices in current mainstream country, Blake Shelton used to be a standout, counted on for some fantastic song choices from the witty and sad, to the romantic and gothic. There was a time, not too long ago, when he actually cared about the quality of what he released to country radio.

Lately he’s been releasing some of the genre’s most mediocre material, elevator music that would put even the elevator to sleep. Ever since he went big, and morphed into the terrific television personality NBC counts on for through-the-roof ratings, he’s stopped caring to put substantial effort into his music career.

“It’d Sure Be Cool If You Did” is the musical equivalent of the marathon runner struggling to finish those last couple miles up hill – you’re out of breath, can’t wait for it to end, and your heart just isn’t in it anymore. There is nothing about this song that screams superstar, nothing to justify his CMA Entertainer of the Year win, nothing to prove he’s earned his spot judging a premier talent competition. There isn’t even anything about the track that’s even remotely country. Except for his usually strong, twang filled vocal. At the very least, he does sing it well. Thankfully, there’s that.

Grade: C-

Listen here.

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