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Album Review: Dan Seals – ‘Make It Home’

Following the commercial failure of his second Warner Bros. album Fired Up, Dan Seals was dropped from the label and concentrated on touring for the next several years. Though he released two volumes of re-recorded hits, it was eight years before he released a collection of brand new material. Released on the independent Lightyear label, Make It Home was to be his swan song.

Make It Home
is mostly a quiet and understated affair; Louie Shelton’s production is polished but tastefully restrained, with just enough fiddle and steel to appease Dan’s country fans. In many ways the album sounds like a throwback to the 90s, a welcome reprieve from the Faith Hill and Shania Twain style pop that was dominating country radio at the time. Perhaps realizing the futility of pursuing mainstream radio airplay, no singles were released from the project. The album gets off to a strong chart with the Matt Shelton composition “Angel Eyes”, which might have been a hit had it been released during Dan’s major label days. “Such A Sweet Night” is also quite good. It is one of three songs written by Nashville songwriter Rand Bishop. I also enjoyed the Bishop-penned “Only You”, but “Certain Circles”, a co-write with Kim Patton-Johnston that falls flat. It is, however, superior to Dan’s ill-advised remake of the Little River Band’s 1978 pop hit “Reminiscing”, which is one of the few times that Dan’s AC-leanings can be heard on this album.

Dan contributed three of his own compositions to the project; the title track, “It Don’t Matter Who You Love”, and “Saw You In My Dreams”. I found the first two a bit dull but “Saw You In My Dreams” is the album’s best song.

Dan is good vocal form throughout the album, and there aren’t any terrible songs here (though “Reminiscing” comes close), but there aren’t any real standout moments, either. The album suffers from a lack of variety in tempo and I found myself starting to lose interest about halfway through. It is an enjoyable album, but not terribly memorable, and as such, probably not of interest to casual fans.

Grade: B-

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