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Single Review: Zac Brown Band – ‘The Wind’

One thing the Zac Brown Band has never been is predictable. Every single the group has offered to country radio to date has offered something different from its predecessors. They have been rewarded by a string of chart toppers with just a couple of near misses peaking at #2, and although they have not been rewarded by awards shows as they perhaps should have been in recent years, they have enjoyed substantial commercial success allied to a level of artistic ambition which is sadly rare with acts at this level.

Their fresh sound has always marked them out from the often homogenous over-produced bulk of contemporary country playlists, but they have never really been traditionalists either. I was expecting their upcoming album Uncaged to be a move further away from the mainstream, but I never expected it would be in a traditional or bluegrass direction. However, here they are with a bluegrass romp which is, musically, the most “country” recording they have ever made. Showcasing the musicians and allowing them to really stretch out and show off their chops, this will be an excellent addition to their live setlist. Hopefully, radio will embrace it as warmly as it has their earlier work, despite the fear of bluegrass evidenced by reluctance to play Dierks Bentley’s bluegrass-infuenced music from Up On The Ridge.

The breezy vocals and harmonies are less influenced by bluegrass, and more similar to the Zac Brown Band’s previous music. Together with the rapid pace and excellent musicanship, they create a summery sound which should hopefully help to make this palatable to country radio. The rapid pace, excellent musicanship and breezy vocals give a summery sound which should help to make this palatable to country radio. The music contrasts with lyrics rooted in a northern, urban setting, as Zac addresses a woman who has broken off their relationship and ended up breaking both of their hearts. He promises eternal love wherever she, and the wind, may go.

This is a joy to hear, and I look forward with interest to what other directions the band may choose to venture.

Listen here.

Grade: A+

2 responses to “Single Review: Zac Brown Band – ‘The Wind’

  1. Ben Foster June 7, 2012 at 10:39 pm

    Man, I sure do wish the CMAs would just get over Lady Antebellum and start giving these guys some more hardware.

    I just can’t get over how fantastic this track sounds. You never hear great stuff like this on the radio. The fact that it even exists is cool enough, but to think that this is coming from a band with an unbroken string of Top 2 hits, who actually stands a strong chance of getting it played on the radio, is unbelievable. Excellent review of an excellent song, O.H.

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