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Classic Rewind: Kitty Wells – ‘A Woman Half My Age’

One response to “Classic Rewind: Kitty Wells – ‘A Woman Half My Age’

  1. Ken Johnson May 16, 2012 at 8:45 am

    Kitty Wells’ studio recording of this song was made on May 25, 1965. Her Decca single peaked at #15 during the first week of March 1966. One of her last top 20 hits.

    This clip is from the 1967 low-budget movie “The Road To Nashville” filmed in Nashville during 1966. It included Marty Robbins & Connie Smith in starring roles. You can see Connie briefly at the end of this clip. Available on DVD the movie features an amazing roster of country stars from that era including a very gaunt and emaciated Johnny Cash at the depths of his drug addiction.

    By the way that’s comic actor Doodles Weaver leaning on the camera during the instrumental bridge of this song. He and Richard Arlen were two real actors in the film. The movie’s major drawback is the frequent cutaways to Weaver’s inane antics during many of the musical performances. Most of the songs were performed live rather than lip-synched so it’s a great time capsule of these legends & their bands as they actually sounded on stage.

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