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Single Review – The Band Perry – ‘Postcards From Paris’

Since their debut in late 2009, The Band Perry have made their mark on country music – the brothers and a sister trio have racked up a couple number one hits (“If I Die Young” and “All Your Life”) a #2 (“You Lie”) and an all but forgotten top 20 (“Hip To My Heart”) while keeping the instrumentation decidedly country, a foreign concept to many of their contemporaries. Their latest single, the fifth from their self-titled debut, follows perfectly in that trend.

Written by the trio, Kara DioGuardi and Jeff Cohen, “Postcards From Paris” is the tune they couldn’t leave as an album cut even though their label wanted to move to their sophomore album. The release is a smart move, though, as “Postcards” is the perfect song to help bring them to the next level of superstardom and like others have stated, is one of the strongest lyrics on their record.

It also doesn’t hurt that producers Nathan Chapman and Paul Worley strike the ideal balance between old school country and new age country-rock with the blended production. The fiddle hasn’t sounded this good on any single thus far in 2012, and the punchy drums at the end of the chorus extenuate Kimberly’s anger perfectly, all while giving the song enough of a kick to keep the modern bent alive.

But it’s the offbeat lyrical content, quickly becoming The Band Perry’s signature quirk, which really helps sell the song. “Postcards” is, on the onset, a simple story of newly found love until you realize she’s with the wrong man:

I was with my boyfriend, a new boyfriend

He was as sweet as he could be

One look at you and I was through

My heart switched up on me

Like any great song, the emotions of being with the wrong person are fully flushed out – every decision she’s made is now coming into question, as though the universe got it backwards and her diamond ring was actually a fake. Now that she feels she’s supposed to be with someone else, the protagonist can’t help but let out her primal scream (accompanied by those well-placed drums) – And now I’m ruined, I’m ruined.

And it’s that twisty angst element that’s helped to form the trio’s sound and thusly helped them emerge as one of the most exciting acts having hits right now. So far each one of their hit singles has had a tinge of darkness to it. For them, it isn’t enough to sing a simple love song. Kimberly always has to be ruined when a better catch comes along or obsessed with the person who doesn’t notice her. With her gorgeous and tantalizing twang; she pulls off each character with the ease of a singer with twice as much life experience.

Like all their hits, “Postcards From Paris” proves that by singing material that digs far deeper than the average mailed-in fluff, The Band Perry are creating a rich listening experience that deserves further cultivation in the years to come. Their songs aren’t perfect yet, but with time, I have no doubt they’ll get there.

Grade: A

4 responses to “Single Review – The Band Perry – ‘Postcards From Paris’

  1. Ben Foster April 13, 2012 at 1:24 pm

    Great review, Jonthan. I am loving this song. I’m so glad to see The Band Perry continuing to have success at radio, as I think they have possibly the freshest sound of just about any new act, and I love that they’re confident enough to release records layered with country instrumentation while still flirting with pop melodies at times. Their lyrics do tend to be uneven, but “Postcard from Paris” is indeed one of the strongest lyrical compositions on the album, and arguably their best single yet. I’ll be very excited to see how they grow as artists when the time comes for them to put out a second album.

  2. SamB April 17, 2012 at 1:41 pm

    Love this song, probably my favourite on the album. Really pleased (and slightly surprised) to see Kara DioGuardi writing a good country song, and an *interesting* song too. Very much looking forward to the second album, and also looking forward to hopefully seeing them live later this year!

  3. rowdyred July 31, 2012 at 12:41 pm

    It took awhile before I actually heard the “And now I’m ruined” bits, but that extra detail totally took the song from a B to an A+ for me. After all, “the meanest thing you ever did is come around” is noticably quirk but sweet — and then that “ruined” lament just took “adorable” up a notch! It’s both how she sings it and what it means that just delighted me. I admit to not loving her voice (Trisha Yearwood she’s not), but I have liked each of their singles progressively more than the previous one. They are making “eccentric” accessible, and this one is a charming winner.

  4. Ananymous May 11, 2016 at 2:39 pm

    Its not “postcards” its “postcard” plz fix this your confusing me

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