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Single Review: Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow – ‘Collide’

Part-time country hit makers Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow are again aiming for the country charts with what could be the direct sequel to their previous cross-genre megahit – or prequel, depending on your interpretation of the lyrics.  All the parts are here to recreate the magic of their first hit. Well, almost. Bob Seger’s piano playing’s helps moves along the lyrics of angst, loneliness, and the inevitable hook-up that comes from so much alone time, with the help of a steady back beat.

Released to radio this week, the pair’s duet was introduced to the mainstream country audience via a performance at the 2011 CMA Musis Fest. Despite its immediate fast-track, “Collide” lacks the kind of instantly endearing melody that turns your garden variety power ballad duet into something epic like “Picture” or “Don’t You Wanna Stay”. Without the agile punch of like-minded hits, this nomadic rhythm won’t be replacing any of its competing country power ballad duets as a perennial karaoke favorite, much less gain status as a radio hit.

Grade: C+

Listen here.

One response to “Single Review: Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow – ‘Collide’

  1. Ben Foster August 17, 2011 at 8:19 am

    Well, here are some people who don’t get reviewed on MKoC every day!

    As for the song, I generally find it nice enough (and this is coming from a major Kid Rock detractor), but like you said, it just doesn’t have a memorable melody. I knew there was something about the song that wasn’t clicking with me, and I think it was mainly the melody. But I do find this a degree more tolerable than most of Kid Rock’s offerings.

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