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Single Review: Joe Nichols – ‘Take It Off’

Joe Nichols is at his best when bending his Haggard-esque vocals around a stone country lyric. But that’s not to say he doesn’t capably deliver clever up-tempo lyrics, see: “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off”. The biggest flaw in the bulk of Nichols’ novelty repertoire, however, is the lack of charm in the lyrics themselves, with tunes like “Size Matters” and “Gimmie That Girl” relying mostly on their respective title catchphrases and breezy melodies.

His latest single falls into the catchphrase-only lot, and implores its title for lofty subject matter such as a cold one and a pretty girl’s top. Nichols still offers a winning vocal despite throwing in a “na na na ooh hoo hoo” in the second half, and reaching for an elusive falsetto in the latter syllables. His traditionalism is still here as well, as fiddles lead and a banjo is added in the mix, but this is just another of the singer’s bread and butter songs we have to wait through before the next “Shape I’m In” comes to radio.

Grade: C

Listen here.

One response to “Single Review: Joe Nichols – ‘Take It Off’

  1. bob August 4, 2011 at 6:12 pm

    “C” is generous. I bought Joe’s first 5 albums but skipped the last. To me, his material keeps getting worse. I remember when Nichols started there were comparisons to Gene Watson. I’ll take Gene at 67 over Joe at 35. I love Gene’s album with Rhonda Vincent.

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