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Single Review: George Strait – ‘Here For A Good Time’

In the case of Strait, the expert level of consistency in his career sometimes makes it difficult to distinguish between a really good addition to his catalog and one that doesn’t quite measure up. “Here For a Good Time,” the lead single from his yet-to-be-announced new album, is an above average addition to his catalog that will keep him in favor with country radio but will unlikely win over the legions of teenage girls who have taken over the genre in the last ten years.

I do applaud him for sticking to his successful formula and not trying to exude a phony youthfulness. He acts his age here, singing about enjoying the remainder of your life because, as he puts it,

I’m not here for a long time
But I’m here for a good time.

The single has a simple yet traditional arrangement filled with fiddle and steel guitar. I like how his voice has deepened over time but hasn’t shown wear like many of his contemporaries. He also puts more energy into his vocal performance than those half his age. To still have this much heart in what you’re doing all these decades later is a gift.  Lyrically, though, the message is predictable. We’ve been told countless times to live like we’re dying and make each day better than the last. But there’s something a little different in what Strait is singing here. As much has he wishes to live each day with gusto, he doesn’t want to succumb to the pressures of getting older. He could easily be mailing it in, which he’s done recently, but instead he’s taking charge and returning to form.  “Here For A Good Time” is a lot stronger than the singles from Twang and much more memorable. At 59, Strait is back and showing he’s capable of continuing the dominance at country radio he began more than 30 years ago.

Grade: A-

Listen here.


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