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Single Review: Randy Travis – ‘Look Heart, No Hands’

Released as a single from Greatest Hits Volume 2 in 1992, “Look Heart, No Hands” continued Travis’s reign at the top of the country charts. The ballad about jumping in to a relationship without reservations is a straightforward love song where vocals, lyrics, and production values work together to create a memorable moment in his career.

What always strikes me is the whimsical vibe of this record. It still sounds fresh almost 20 years later, and has an easy-going flow extenuated by Travis’s relaxed vocal performance. He seems very comfortable here, displaying the confidence of a seasoned hit maker who isn’t about to rest on his laurels.

The understated production also suits the song well. The hints of dobro and steel guitar keep the song traditional yet modern, and keep the focus on the story, not the music, which acts as a complement opposed to a driving force.

And because of that, the lyrics have to be well written to stand as the focus of the track. And the words, written by Trey Bruce and Russell Smith, hold up. The chorus, which can easily stand on its own, begins to make an imprint on your brain after just a few listens and you can’t help but remember it. This is the kind of song that makes a good impression on the listener.

While not a classic Randy Travis hit, “Look Heart, No Hands” is worthy of standing proud next to the likes of “On The Other Hand” and “Forever, and Ever, Amen.” It’s just as good, but never had the lasting power of his two signature tunes, which is a shame. This was released in a time when country music still held onto a sense of tradition and hadn’t yet exploded into an over-commercialized breeding ground for pseudo-rockers.

Grade: A –

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