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Random playlist 3

After all the mental inventory-taking of the end of the year lists was finally over, I began to cruise through my media library again. Ballads have been in higher rotation than anything else right now, and that’s partly because of that nostalgia feeling that comes from having a fresh snowfall each morning. But it’s also because ballads are usually my favorites anyway. Here’s a few I’ve really been enjoying lately.

Zac Brown Band – ‘Colder Weather’ … Wanderlust drives the narrator in the Zac Brown Band’s current single, and he readily admits it to this lady. ‘And I love you but I’ll leave you, I don’t want you but I need you‘, he confesses. Still, some relationships are too complicated to follow the rules. These two keep it together when he’s in town; otherwise, not so much. The swaying melody is brought to life here with the help of a gentle piano track and Alabama-ish harmonies from the group.

Sara Evans – ‘Three Chords And The Truth’ … Her first album was a lesson in 90s new traditionalism, and though none of the songs were hits, the title track to the set has taken on a life of its own. Evans’ Missouri drawl wrings out every ounce of emotion in this conflicted woman’s day of events, as she sings of the music doing just the same for the character in her own song.

Martina McBride – ‘Strangers’ … This track from Martina’s second album was included on her Greatest Hits album, listed as a fan favorite and concert staple; and for good reason. Songwriter Bobby Braddock penned a telling tale of two people and their journey from, and back to, being strangers to each other. Martina’s bigger-than-your-house voice hammers it home.

Mark McGuinn – ‘She Doesn’t Dance’ … This guy’s got the perfect gal at home. So what’s she doing in this smoky bar in that black dress, and in another man’s arms? But wait, that couldn’t be her. She doesn’t own a dress like that, and besides, she doesn’t even dance. Especially like that. McGuinn hit bigger with that infuriating ‘Mrs. Steven Rudy’ song. But not only was ‘She Doesn’t Dance’ tolerable, this 90s-style country ballad proved better at showcasing his dry wit without even trying.

Sunny Sweeney – ‘Amy’ … Just like her breakthrough single, Sweeney’s self-penned ‘Amy’ is a confessional from the other woman. This time it’s directed at the wife and she’s asking her to please stand aside, if that’s at all convenient. Tight and light, the acoustic-driven production is the perfect score for the story unfolding before us.

Johnny Cash – ‘Cry, Cry, Cry’ … Maybe it’s Cash’s deadpan delivery of these scathing lyrics, or maybe it’s the Signature Cash dominating back beat. Either way, I can’t get enough of Johnny’s first single.

Alan Jackson – ‘I’ll Try’ … Warm, traditional sounds complimenting Jackson’s crooning vocals make the song a real pleasure to the ears, but it’s the no-frills message in this song I like best. No promises of forever or of good times to come, this guy takes a realistic approach. Sweetly optimistic in all he does, he’s aiming for the long haul. Here’s hoping.

So, what’s your pleasure these days?  Are you spinning the ballads in the colder weather?  Share your current favorites with us in the comments.

9 responses to “Random playlist 3

  1. Ben Foster January 27, 2011 at 9:28 am

    Wynonna Judd, “No One Else On Earth” – Such a fun funky awesome performance.

    Shania Twain, “If It Don’t Take Two” and “(If You’re Not In It For Love) I’m Outta Here!” – Been revisiting the “Woman In Me” album quite a bit lately.

    Dixie Chicks, “Tortured, Tangled Hearts” – When I’m in the mood for a bluegrass hoedown, this does nicely.

    Ricky Skaggs and The Whites, “Big Wheel” – I got into this song from hearing The Whites sing it at the Opry, so I just had to get my hands on it.

    Loretta Lynn, “One’s On the Way” – My family can relate to this! I think I was either the one that needed a huggin’ or the one that needed a spankin’.

    Lacy J. Dalton, “16th Avenue”
    Wanda Jackson, “Let’s Have a Party” – When Wanda Jackson and Lacy J. Dalton released new albums, it prompted in me an interest in their past hits, so I’ve really been digging these two songs lately.

    Patty Loveless, “On Down the Line” – I never get tired of this one.

    Sara Evans, “A Little Bit Stronger”
    Reba McEntire, “If I Were a Boy” – A couple newer ones I’ve been into lately. I love Reba and Sara’s performances on these tracks.

    Julie Reeves, “Trouble Is a Woman” – Thanks to CU’s Greatest Singles of the 90s countdown for bringing this awesome song to my attention. I fell in love with it right away.

    George Strait, “All My Ex’s Live In Texas”
    Johnny Cash, “I Still Miss Someone”
    Sugarland, “Little Miss”

  2. bob January 27, 2011 at 11:09 am

    I have McGuinn’s 2 albums and love “She Doesn’t Dance”. He tries to convince himself that it couldn’t be her – she doesn’t dance … great country song. In fact, if I were asked to give an example of a typical country song, it would be the first to come to mind. Mark co-wrote the song with Don Pfrimmer and Shane Decker.

    I like the ZBB song and good call on Strangers, which I haven’t played in a long time.

    The most frequently played song in my i-tunes library is Lisa Brokop’s “Not Here in My Arms” followed by John Denver’s “Matthew” and Hal Ketchum’s “In Front of the Alamo” and Gary Burr’s “Station on the Line”.

    While not country, I was playing Don McLean’s “Winter Has Me in its Grip” yesterday since i was researching songs about winter. That led me to play some of McLean’s other ballads like “Vincent”, “And I Love You So” and “Empty Chairs”, the last a song that Garth Brooks said he always loved. If McLean were starting out today I wonder if he would have gone into country music.

  3. SamB January 27, 2011 at 1:28 pm

    I’d never heard She Doesn’t Dance before, so thank you for introducing it to me 🙂

  4. travis in va January 27, 2011 at 9:03 pm

    i have been listening to the 80’s and 90’s alot lately here is my random playlist’s from the 80’s amd 90’s!

    The 90’s
    George Strait- Easy come, Easy Go
    Clint Black and Wynonna- A Bad Goodbye
    Ty Herndon- A Man Holdin’ On To A Woman Lettin’ Go
    Faith Hill- Take me as I am
    Colin Raye- If You Get There before I Do
    Alabama- I’m In A Hurry
    Suzy Boggus- Eat at Joes
    Sawyer Brown- Thank God For you
    Mary Chapin Carpenter- you win again
    Reba – You Remember Me
    Sara Evans- No Place That Far
    Rebecca lynn howard- When my dreams come true
    Pam tillis A Wisper and A scream
    Reba-There Ain’t No Future In This
    Alabama- Dixieland Delight
    Lacy J Dalton- 16th Avenue
    Kathy Mattea- 18 Wheels and a dozen roses
    Kathy Mattea- Train of memories
    Reba- kathy’s clown
    Reba- the Great Divide
    The Judds- Turn it Lose
    Highway 101- Somewhere tonight
    Deborah Allen- Don’t Worry Bout Me Baby
    The Forrester Sisters- I fell In Love Again Last Night
    Emmylou Harris- The Boxer
    Patty loveless- Chains
    Janie Fricke- The First Word In Memory Is me!

  5. Jake January 27, 2011 at 11:09 pm

    I’ve actually been listening to a lot of Shania’s songs off of her The Woman In Me album too.

    I’m also like new songs like “Colder Weather”, “She’s Actin Single (I’m Drinkin Doubles)” cover by Ronnie Dunn, and “Give In To Me” by Faith Hill.

  6. Tom January 29, 2011 at 6:21 am

    …a friend of mine brought me back some cd’s from a recent us-trip. among them: alan jackson’s freight train and good time.

    on “good time” there is “if you want to make me happy”, which says “this is country music” in aj’s unmatched modest and down to earth kind of way. soo country.

    on “freight train” the song “taillights blue” is also asking for repeatedly pushing the repeat-button.

    brad paisley “no” on his “american saturyday night” album is also one of my favourites at the moment – interesting indeed. particularly, when considering that i’m only a good ol’ sinner at best.

    another one that i keep pushing the buttons for at the moment is sugarland’s “very last country song” from their “love on the inside” album. terrific.

    i’m not sure, if i should hand over this little playlist to my shrink next week – although, his mercedes dealer most certainly wouldn’t mind.

  7. Tom January 29, 2011 at 6:33 am

    …take it from me travis – the two of us wouldn’t have any problem hanging around a jukebox with a beer in our hands – nice selection. this reminds me, i must give highway 101 a spin again one of these days.

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