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Single Review: Heidi Newfield – ‘Stay Up Late’

Just as it can bring out countless emotions in the average man or woman, mad passionate love lends itself to a myriad of musical backdrops.  Yet somehow, the rocked-up country party anthem never did much for me in the romance department.

On former Trick Pony-frontwoman-turned-solo-artist Heidi Newfield’s new single, there’s an obvious dichotomy between the production and the lyrics, which tell the story of two people spending the night home with only a bottle of wine and themselves for company. ‘Who needs the candles at that fancy restaurant when we can stay right and light our own’, Newfield coos. Now, cue a wall of Nashville sound with what sounds like at least a dozen guitar tracks compressed and competing with as many distracting harmony singers.

These lyrics clearly call for a slighter touch of hand in the studio. The track does manage to recall the heights of the Trick Pony sound better than Newfield’s own debut disc, and her smoky Tucker-esque vocals are right on their mark.  Here’s hoping she finds better use for those magnificent pipes on her upcoming album.

Grade: C-

Listen here.

3 responses to “Single Review: Heidi Newfield – ‘Stay Up Late’

  1. Ben Foster January 20, 2011 at 9:22 am

    The arrangement definitely doesn’t work, and I don’t find the song itself all that interesting either.

  2. Amanda January 21, 2011 at 10:33 am

    Gotta agree with the review and Ben. When I first previewed the single, it sounded really harsh to me for what the song is about. Sounded more like a drunk girl being aggressive to a love interest than being a romantic moment. Not to mention, at this point, the lyrics are just cliche to me. I can pick off about 20 songs on my play list that are the same thing and arranged better.

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