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Single Review: Crystal Gayle & Mishavonna – ‘Christmas Everywhere’

It’s been a long time since an original Christmas tune made a substantial dent in the charts, but Crystal Gayle and Mishavonna are hoping that their new duet will be the exception to the rule. The Grammy Award winning country legend and the American Idol Season 8 alumnus have teamed up for “Christmas Everywhere”, which was released just after Thanksgiving.

Mishavonna, who was known as Mishavonna Henson during her stint on Idol, wrote the song with her producer Fabio Angelini. Opening with the festive sounds of sleigh bells along with a prominent pedal steel, the tune explores the familiar theme of separation from loved ones during the holiday season, with a slight twist: instead of the usual lone protagonist longing for home (“I’ll Be Home For Christmas”) or missing a loved one who has gone away (“Blue Christmas”), “Christmas Everywhere” is sung from the point of view of both a mother and daughter, as both reminisce about Christmases past. Mishavonna as the daughter thinks about Christmas at home during the first verse, with Gayle taking over the second verse as her mother, reliving the holidays when her children were growing up.

I was not previously familiar with Mishavonna but I was impressed with her powerful voice, which is somewhat reminiscent of Shelby Lynne. I’m a little surprised that she didn’t advance beyond the semi-finals. It’s been a long time since we heard a new country recording from Crystal; she is still in good voice and the two women’s voices work well together.

Mishavonna is reportedly working on a country album which should be released sometime in 2011. If she can find the right material, she should have a decent shot at success. The independently released “Christmas Everywhere” won’t provide the breakthrough, since contemporary Christmas songs rarely become hits and Gayle no longer has the ear of country radio programmers. However, it is a pleasant listen, even if it’s not entirely original. It will definitely be in heavy rotation on my Christmas playlist this year.

Grade: B+

Listen to “Christmas Everywhere” here or download it from Amazon or iTunes

3 responses to “Single Review: Crystal Gayle & Mishavonna – ‘Christmas Everywhere’

  1. Occasional Hope December 6, 2010 at 2:06 pm

    I didn’t like the other songs on Mishavonna’s website, but this is really good, and she does have a good voice.

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  3. Jordan Stacey December 13, 2010 at 8:16 pm

    I love her personally, also got to meet her at fan fair this past year. She was fun and she hinted at something interesting happening for christmas at the time, I’m sure this is what she was referring to. I’m not a fan of christmas music but I had to buy this one just to hear her voice with Crystal’s, it’s definatley a interesting mix. Here’s to hoping it can get some spins on the radio this year, if only to maybe give Crystal an outside shot at charting again.

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