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Single Review: Clay Walker – ‘Where Do I Go From You’

Clay Walker was one of those 90s sensations that exploded right out of the box, with 5 of his first 6 single releases shooting straight to the top.  Between 1991 and 1998, Walker released 17 singles to country radio, with all of them going into the top 40, and 12 landing inside the top 10.  But somewhere around the end of the decade, mergers and further consolidation between labels relocated Clay to Giant’s parent company, Warner Brothers.  After a few minor hits there, he made a short-lived switch to RCA in 2001, where another sprinkling of top 10 hits followed.  His third label deal came from Asylum’s Curb division.  The interesting aspect to Clay Walker’s chart success, to me, has been his many stops and starts over the past 7 or 8 years.  While most artists struggle to get back in the graces of radio programmers after a year or more hiatus, Walker has found himself staging mini-comebacks on at least 3 occasions, the most recent being last year’s top 5 ‘She Won’t Be Lonely Long’, his best showing on the singles chart in a decade.  But, recent history has shown Walker unable to follow up a career-reviving hit with another.

‘Where Do I Go From You’ attempts to recapture the tone of ‘She Won’t Be Lonely Long’.  It succeeds in being radio-friendly without sounding polished, something the best Clay Walker singles have always done.  A similar laid-back electric guitar groove compliment the driving mid-tempo beat, and Clay’s vocals succeed in clearly cutting through the production.

Where it falters in its unoriginal concept, and very underdeveloped plot.  We learn that the narrator’s love interest left him, got on a plane and skipped town.  Now our narrator is getting lost in his job by day and inhabiting the local beer joint by night, all in his efforts to dull the pain.  The chorus is, interestingly enough, the most abstract part of the lyrics, and the only area of the song where we get any insight into the relationship gone wrong: ‘Where do I go to get over the fact that you got on a plane and you ain’t coming back/I said what I said and you did what you had to do/Where does a man have to go to get over the truth?/Where do I go from you?’

What did he say?  It must have been substantial enough that he understands her reasons for leaving.  All we’re really left with in the end is his continuing plea for guidance from a woman who’s likely a thousand miles away.

Grade: C

Purchase ‘Where Do I Go From You’ digitally at amazon or iTunes.

Songwriters: Don Cook, Clint Daniels, Ryan Tyndell

4 responses to “Single Review: Clay Walker – ‘Where Do I Go From You’

  1. Occasional Hope August 18, 2010 at 2:31 pm

    This is a nice song, but not a compelling one – something I often find with Clay Walker.

  2. Ben Foster August 18, 2010 at 10:24 pm

    I was very surprised that “She Won’t Be Lonely Long” did so well on the charts. Previously, I had thought country radio was done with Clay Walker.

    “Where Do I Go From You” is nice enough, but it doesn’t approach the quality of his 90s hits.

  3. chris November 13, 2010 at 6:20 pm

    I’m a fool for CW but this song was just a bad choice to release and i think that’s Curb’s fault. If he would of released “Wrong Enough To Know” i think he would of done much better or even “Like We Never Said Goodbye”

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