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Daily Archives: March 19, 2010

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Single Review: Brad Paisley – ‘Water’

My favorite part of country music has always been its simplicity, its ability to take even the everyday things we all experience and put them into a universal and appealing format.  In country music’s case, the format is usually one of easy melodies, clean vocals, and familiar instruments.  Such is the case with Brad Paisley’s latest, ‘Water’.  While this song won’t set the world on fire (no pun intended), and it probably won’t launch Brad’s star any higher than it already is, that’s fine with me.  I can enjoy a song that’s clearly meant to be a bit light.

From his first recollections of water as a 3-year old in an inflatable pool to swinging into the river on a rope – what country boy or girl doesn’t have fond memories of their community rope swing? – to the less wholesome memories of wet t-shirt contest, songwriters Paisley, Chris Dubois, and Kelley Lovelace go on to tell of the bikini-clad girls on Spring Break and of skinny-dipping in the lake.  A title like ‘Water’ could have gone in at least a dozen different directions, but Brad sings here of mostly play-time with humanity’s primary resource.

Musically and melodically, ‘Water’ isn’t far removed from Paisley’s other novelty-tinged tunes and sounds very similar to his past two single releases from his American Saturday Night album.  Sure, there are the smoking guitar licks that are now as much a part of Paisley’s musical persona as the novelty songs themselves and his vocal performance isn’t without its charms as he delivers the lyrics with his wry magnetism that’s sure to please the masses.  After all, water itself is mass, and I think this song will have mass appeal.  Not that it lives up to those expectations or to the popularity it will surely gain, and ‘Water’ isn’t the worst thing on country radio right now.  But, Paisley has shown he’s capable of better than this.

Grade: C

‘Water’ is available for download at amazon and iTunes. And before you buy, you can also listen to the song.

Songwriters: Brad Paisley, Chris DuBois, Kelley Lovelace