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Single Review: Coldwater Jane – ‘Bring On The Love’

Written by Jordan Stacey.  – J.R.

When an artist is signed to a major label you tend to think there’s got to be something about them that got them noticed. Was it because they have amazing voices? Great songwriting? Strong Personality? Maybe they are great performers; whatever it is there had to be something to get them picked out of all the artists trying to get in the same place they are. That’s why I always find it weird when a new artist comes out who doesn’t show any of these attributes.

Mercury’s newest artist, Coldwater Jane, is exactly the type of artist I’m talking about. They show the basic country twang in their voices, which is sadly enough to stand out on country radio at the moment, but their first single, ‘Bring On The Love’, is a throw away song whose lyrical depth basically states “love is great”. There’s no narrative to the song and the music is filler at best. It all kind of blends together after the third time the chorus is repeated. I’ve listened to it about 10 times so far and can honestly say the only part of the lyric that stands out is “don’t take a genius to figure out”, cause that perfectly describes the song.

What Coldwater Jane stands to bring to the genre remains to be seen, but with a lot of female duos trying to break through at the moment they’re going to have a tough time finding an audience if they don’t come to the table with better material than this. Here’s hoping that the Court Yard Hounds show all these girls how it’s done.

Grade: D

You can listen to the song here. It also is available for purchase at amazon’s mp3 store.

7 responses to “Single Review: Coldwater Jane – ‘Bring On The Love’

  1. J.R. Journey February 18, 2010 at 11:42 am

    I think you made a good point about the lack of anything interesting in so many of the acts getting signed to record deals today. Kinda makes you wonder where all the individuals went and just what seminar taught them all to be exactly the same.

    This tune isn’t bad really. It’s actually quite pleasant to the ears, but there’s nothing memorable about it. It’s not going to stand out at radio and these girls will be back to obscurity within a year unless they step it up, and fast.

  2. Steve O February 19, 2010 at 12:38 pm

    I don’t understand why every Bozo with a computer and a blog thinks that they’re a music critic.

    I don’t know a lot about music, but i know what i like, and i actually REALLY LIKE this song. I went and read their bio, and they apparently have been playing music for a long time. I would imagine that they paid their dues… How can you fault someone for working hard and finally getting a chance?

    The great thing about music is that there are enough artists out there that everyone can listen to their own favorite. Why tear someone apart for not being your personal preference? It seems narrow minded and egotistical to think your opinion is more valid than any other person. I mean… when was the last time you actually BOUGHT a record (not just gotten it free from a record company to review)?

    • Razor X February 19, 2010 at 4:01 pm

      How can you fault someone for working hard and finally getting a chance?

      Nobody’s faulting them for getting a chance.

      It seems narrow minded and egotistical to think your opinion is more valid than any other person.

      Jordan expressed his opinion. Where did he say that his opinion was more valid than anyone else’s? The object of a review is to give one’s opinion and explain how it was formed. Anyone who disagrees is always free to so; however, it’s worth noting that you’re much more likely to be taken seriously if you keep your comments respectful.

      And for the record, while we do occasionally get promotional copies of CDs to review, we pay out of our own pockets for the vast majority of the albums and singles we review.

    • Jordan Stacey February 22, 2010 at 12:08 am

      Been a while since I’ve been on and am only now looking at the responses. I feel I do need to respond to Steve O though. First I know they’ve been playing a while and I’ve heard some of their other stuff it’s pretty okay, I’m curious to hear more from them as I do like their vocals. The problem is the song itself, there’s little here that makes them stand out and be memorable. It’s not bad to listen to at all just boring to me. I feel like I’ve heard this song a million times before. I hope this can be a hit so we can see them grow into an artist to reckon with but I don’t see this song doing the trick. Also if I were reviewing this as an album track I would’ve given it a bit of a higher rating but since it’s being released to radio it’s meant to represent the best of their material or at least thats how I always thought of singles.

      Now second off I’ve spent about $200 since the new year on music. I’ve just passed 500 physical albums bought so the last time I bought an album was last tuesday, and I plan to buy a few more come this tuesday. How ’bout You?

  3. Justin February 23, 2010 at 11:03 am

    I actually like the tune. Im not quite sure when it changed that a song had to have incredible emotional depth to be on the radio,but if thats the case,we may as well shut down the stations. The radio is littered with culturaly relevant music,while it may not make you cry,it does put you in a better mood and think a little bit.Also,I thought the whole point of a single was to get pepole to buy it? This song seems to be doing that from what I’ve seen,I could be wrong.

    P.S. @jordan:Where can I hear some of their other stuff?I cant find it online.

    • Anonymous May 27, 2010 at 8:35 pm

      they don’t have any their stuff currently out, if you have a twitter account follow them at @coldwaterjane and their fan account @cwjanefanz and if you have facebook add them and thier fan site and they’ll keep you updated 🙂

    • anonymous jr May 27, 2010 at 8:39 pm

      Their album should be coming out later this year or in the beging of next year. Like the other person said follow them on twitter @coldwaterjane and follw their fan twitter @cwjanefanz and add them both on fb for updates.

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