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Year In Review: Chris Dean’s Top 10 singles of 2009

Sure, I love ‘Busted’ by Patty Loveless- it’s an awesome song.  However, it never had a chance at radio, everybody knows that. For my list, I tried to stick with songs that either were radio hits or were put out by acts that had potential to be radio hits. I love more obscure music, but I think looking at the commercially successful songs, there’s quality to be found there, and I hope I’ve found most of it.

10. StrangeReba McEntire
Of the two hits Reba has had this year, this one’s my favorite because it doesn’t have the been there done that feeling of ‘Consider Me Gone’. It also has a catchy melody- in a good way of course.

9. That Kind of HappyEmily West
I wish I could sue someone for the fact that Emily West isn’t a star; this song manages to be exactly what radio wants while being fresh and creative. Hopefully’Blue Sky’, her new single with Keith Urban will change that, but I doubt it.

8. Living For The Night George Strait
I’ve never really been a Strait fan, but this song is just so heartbreaking it caught me. At least Strait brings some real country music to the radio.

7 .Only You Can Love Me This Way Keith Urban
A little saccharine, but an honest ode that rings true. Urban is such a great singer, and I love the acoustic-ness of this song. I wish I could play the guitar like him…

6. Play The Song – Joey + Rory
I’m so surprised this never got played! Sarcasm aside, this was a daring single that is a good song, but was obviously doomed for failure. They should have given ‘Sweet Emmylou’ a chance- at least it doesn’t lambast the music industry!

5. JoeySugarland
Sugarland’s only non-number 1 from Love On The Inside, this song is still pretty good. A weak chorus drags it down, but the story is solid and told in an unexpected way. If only they hadn’t cancelled the release of ‘Keep You’… Now they don’t have a single at all.

4. Welcome To The Future Brad Paisley
Witty and meaningful- a tactic Brad Paisley employs well here. Since I like it so much, no wonder it’s his first single in years to not hit #1…

3. Need You NowLady Antebellum
Smooth pop-country (emphasis on the pop) has never sounded so good or been this sad. Props to this promising duo for bringing the sad back to the radio.

2. White LiarMiranda Lambert
My second favorite song from Revolution, this single is climbing in the top 10, and actually has a chance at the top spot! With a fun story and a great, but simple turnaround, this song is quality country music from a real entertainer.

1. Solitary Thinkin’ Lee Ann Womack
This song wasn’t quite the masterpiece ‘Last Call’ was, but it’s by far the most relaxing song I’ve ever heard- it always makes me unwind with a twinge of loneliness. If I drank, this would be my favorite drinking song for sure.

2 responses to “Year In Review: Chris Dean’s Top 10 singles of 2009

  1. Steve from Boston December 24, 2009 at 1:52 am

    Ah,Chris, I think you’ve crossed over, factoring in commercial considerations and all. But it’s cool that Patty earned a postive disclaimer for “Busted” in your introductory remarks. 😉

    Seriously, I think you have found some of the bright spots in Country radio this year. Nice list.

  2. Chris December 28, 2009 at 10:12 am

    That was exactly what I was going for, the bright spots in radio!

    Also, I’d like to give a nod to Trace Adkins’ “All I’d Ask For Anymore.” I usually go and listen to all the new songs, but I missed that one and I heard it for the first time 2 days ago and if I had heard it, it would have for sure made this list.

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